soltan2After the huge success of Soltan’s track ‘Turn Up’ in April, we wanted the chance to ask him about the method behind the madness, the impact location has on music, who inspires him and more. As someone with a very unique sound coming out of Iran, this has proven to be one of our most interesting interviews to date – check it out below!

Your new single ‘Turn Up’ just came out – can you tell us a little bit about the writing process for that? It’s hard to really describe a writing process for my music because a lot of it comes from an idea that just comes to mind in that moment. I try to experiment with different sounds and styles and once the sound design is sketched out, I work on perfecting all the elements and layers of the song.

You have a very unique sound – where do you draw inspiration from? Talk to us about the mixing of East & West in your tunes. Do you record a lot of the oriental sounds you’re known for yourself? In the bass world I’m inspired by acts like SkisM , Space Laces , Skrillex , Spag Heddy, Barely Alive, Snails , Herobust. When it comes to my own music, I love bringing together my love for bass music with music from Middle Eastern and Indian culture.  Some of the sounds are recorded, while others are sample.

Can you give me a couple examples of Middle Eastern/Indian vocalists/producer you like?


For those of us who aren’t familiar, what exactly is hybrid trap?

I’m honestly not all that familiar with the term hybrid trap, but from what I can see it’s bringing together elements of trap with Dubstep and other forms of electronic. Might add in it has hook heavy vocals. Basically the blending of genres…

What’s it like making music in Iran? How has your location affected your career? I think it’s given me a different perspective and approach to how I create my music, but I’ve also been quite limited in my ability to put my name out there.  Bass music is not exactly recognized in my country, let alone the fact that dance clubs don’t really exist here.  Fortunately, I have access to internet here, which has given me the ability to discover the music I love and has connected me with fans and producers around the world who support what I do

Your music does something amazing by bringing people together across different countries and cultures – what’s your view on the dubstep community and the power of music? The power of music in connecting people from different cultures and backgrounds is amazing and something I am appreciative of every day.  I may be isolated physically at the moment, but music has given me the ability to connect with producers in countries ranging from the States to Spain. I’m happy to see so much support for creative producers in the bass community who are pushing boundaries.

What was it like working with Datsik on ‘No Mind’? Who would you most like to work with in the future? It was a great experience! Datsik was an early supporter of my work, and I’m very fortunate that he has given me the opportunity to be a part of the Firepower family and to connect me with a larger audience. I would love to work with Space Laces in the future and NUCLEYA.

A lot of people have been going crazy for your track ‘Jadu’ after Excision dropped it in his tour earlier this year – when can we expect a release for that?  I can’t giveaway too much but I can tell you it’s coming very soon… along with some other surprises 😉

And finally, can we hope to see Soltan on tour anytime soon? A lot of people have been asking, but it won’t that soon. Right now, I’m just focusing on creating new material and honing my sound. Certain travel restrictions make it hard for me to tour so I’d rather spend a little more time preparing myself and going big when the time is right…

We’ve loved hearing so much from Soltan and can’t wait to see what he does next! Be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud. and check out his latest release on Firepower Records!

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