Get lost in the angelic voice of Rachel K Collier and the rhythmic thump of Luca Guerrieri

Luca Guerrieri has been bringing the world some of the finest Deep House for a solid 2 years now, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself and so he should be. His fantastic production skills have been proven to work well thanks to his award winning year in 2015. Winning that award has most definitely not shaken his passion for the music either which shows in his new release, ‘Lighter’ featuring the angel voiced, Rachel K Collier.

The track rolls in with a heavy and beautifully tweaked bass kick followed by what sounds like the beginning of a storm. As the bass kick rolls away and the vocals chime in the track already feels ‘Lighter’ but what follows is something a little different. The tambourine shakes and the snare claps disappear and we are left with the soothing and harmonious voice of Ms Collier just before it’s dropped into a deep bass kick and a very dark yet catchy melody tag.

The thumping continues for a little while until the vocals are brought back in, this time filtered out to make the track a little deeper. What really makes this break stand out is the beautiful pan of the synth in the background. Something not everyone will notice but is very important to pick up on. The vocals get louder, the track gains its energy back and the rolling deep house is back on.

The track breaks down again into what sounds like the build up for a second drop and once again we’re lifted up by the beautiful voice of Rachel K Collier and dropped back into that state of continual rolling bass kicks and a chilling synth loop. The drum track leads on and all vocals and synths are cut leaving the track to run itself out and for the listeners to go ahead and click repeat. At least that’s what we’re doing.

A track like Luca Guerrieri’s ‘Lighter’ is truly a prime example of what he has done to earn the status as one of the world’s best deep house producers. It doesn’t look like he will be stopping anytime soon, which is good news for us and all other rolling bassline lovers out there. Check out his Facebook page  for more news on upcoming releases and possibly even a tour date near you.

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