Lookas launches Eclipse EP on Monstercat

Miami based producer LOOKAS launched his Lucid EP on Monstercat after firing two singles at us separately earlier in 2017. On this EP he collaborated with the electronic sister duo Krewella and Able Heart.

Billboard.com’s “Next Big Sound” recognized LOOKAS as one of the top 10 artists on their Rising Artist Chart. After his breakthrough remix of DVBBS’ Tsunami in 2014, he had some big releases and millions of plays on Soundcloud and so in 2015 he released his own original single “Apollo”. Ever since he has played Electric Daisy Festival, Tomorrowland and many more.

With all this in mind, our expectations were high. The first track, Eclipse, is a heavy trap banger and hits pretty hard! In this track, we really hear Lookas signature sound: a captivating intro followed by a massive drop. We love the alluring atmosphere in this track, all the cosmic sounds that make you feel like you’re floating around in space. The track got featured on Monstercat Uncaged Volume 3 which makes it his Monstercat debut.

The second track is a bit more chilled down compared to Eclipse and completely not what you would expect of these two names. Whenever you see Lookas or Krewella in the title you rely on heavy and naughty bass drop yet this brings you the opposite. Melodic guitar riffs and heavenly vocals. The mix of both artists is clearly noticeable. Good to hear the beautiful vocals of Krewella on Monstercat again too.

Last but not least we talk about On My Own. This collaboration is with the fairly unknown Able Heart. On My Own was uploaded on Monstercat: Instinct, a new YouTube channel that focusses on songs “that capture the connection between contemporary experience and shared journeys, exploring music in a vibrant and melodic way” therefore this track fits the channel like a glove. On My Own has a unique twist and smooth vocals. It shows us a softer side of Lookas, a side we don’t see that often.

In conclusion, we can say that the EP is pretty good and well produced. All three songs are great on their own terms. The album art really stands out on this release: they decided to go for a retro Miami Vice setting with the white Ferarri Testarossa, pink sunsets, and typical Miami skylines.

Stream Lucid on all platforms here!

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