Releasing on Chime’s label, Rushdown, LoneMoon has released a gorgeous new dubstep track, aptly named ‘Lullaby’

Opening with a soft, gentle melody, we’re serenading in what we can only describe as a comforting lullaby – showing us exactly where the name of the track came from. The track is incredibly emotive and alluring – we’re transported to some fairytale dream from the moment we press play. There’s such an elegant feel to the tune that is hard to find in dubstep, but LoneMoon has absolutely nailed it.

Things pick up with the introduction of some brighter, bubblier sounds, but the track never loses its elegance. Acoustic vocals are introduced, adding a new layer of warmth to the track, and we find ourselves falling head over heels for the alluring lyrics. We’re a sucker for that blend of electronic and acoustic elements, and this track does it perfectly!

The drop only briefly teases that heavy bass we usually love in dubstep, but instead focuses on breathing new life into that original melody. We get a really cool contrast of the more harsh, typical dubstep sound next to the more graceful melody, but it’s those charismatic vocals that really make the track stand out.

We get a sort of retro videogame, chiptune flair from LoneMoon on this one as well, masterfully crafted into the rest of his luxurious soundscape. There are so many different sounds at play here, all coming together to create one gorgeous lullaby. Definitely a strong release for Chime’s label, we can’t wait to hear more from LoneMoon in the future!

Despite the elegance of the tune, there’s still a definite call to adventure – a culmination of the comforting melodies, chiptune flair, energetic drops and overall variety of sounds in the production. A truly eclectic masterpiece, we love LoneMoon’s take on melodic dubstep – be sure to get your copy today!

Available now as a free download as part of LoneMoon’s ‘Solstice’ EP


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