Australian label Locked Concept have just released their first EP of 2017, featuring three new tracks from neuro heavyweights MachineCode, Lockjaw, and DR

Locked Concept have just released a pretty killer three-track sampler, featuring new tunes from MachineCode, Lockjaw, and DR, and it has us all kinds of excited. Giving us the softer side of neuro, each tune is beautifully crafted with impeccable sound design and full of emotion – something a little bit different for the genre that we absolutely adore.

First up is ‘Doublegate’ from German duo MachineCode. If you’re a fan of neuro, you’ll definitely recognize the name – if not, check out our review of one of their most prolific albums here. With an unparalleled passion for dance music with roots in techno, their incredible talent is apparent in everything they produce. The two have been making music for over two decades, and yet still somehow never cease to disappoint – this release, of course, is no exception.

‘Doublegate’ has a soft, rolling feel to it, gently oozing out our speakers but still maintaining that gritty sound characteristic of the genre. The track feels simultaneously effortless and elegant, yet you can hear each individual sound as part of a larger whole. That effortless feeling is how you know just how much went into the production on this one – a masterful array of sounds that feel natural, creating a feeling of comfort in the listener. A true work of art, but hardly surprising coming from the duo.

Following ‘Doublegate’ is a collaboration between MachineCode and Lockjaw, delivering more gorgeously crafted, gentle neuro vibes. The track has a vibrancy to it amidst the underlying darker drums, creating something that is as refreshing as it is beguiling. There’s a slight retro flair to this one as well, speaking volumes to each producer’s creativity and ingenuity.

‘Array’ is a very colourful tune, a word we wouldn’t often use to describe tracks of this genre, but that is definitely fitting for this one. There’s so many different, interesting sounds at play here, and yet the track flows just as effortlessly as its predecessor, encapsulating the listener in a vibrant embrace. Truly an invigorating and uplifting track, we love seeing artists branch out and trying something new, especially with such a great result.

Last but not least is ‘Phenotype’, a collaboration between DR (one half of MachineCode) and Locked Concept head Lockjaw. Another very unique tune, we get to hear some more acoustic sounds amidst that familiar neuro drum pattern, giving us something that is again different and refreshing. The piano creates a gentle and alluring melody, alongside soft guitar that creates a warm, restful sound (we’re reminded of the sort of guitar sounds The Cure might come up with).

‘Phenotype’ has a strong presence – whereas we associate a lot of neurofunk with dystopian destruction and war with machines, this track tells the story of a bittersweet rebirth, packed full of nostalgia for something we have not yet experienced, but our imagination runs wild with feelings of hope and resurgence. There is a lot of emotion in this one, and, although it is different from what you might expect from the names attached, it truly is a beautiful piece of music.

This short but sweet EP from Locked Concept has succeeded in delivering the unexpected, but we’ve absolutely loved seeing each artist branch out to deliver three incredibly unique and stunning tracks. Each track is completely different from the rest, but each track is packed full of emotion and creativity that sends our minds running wild. An absolutely masterful collection of tracks, you can support this release on Beatport here.

For more, also be sure to check out DR’s mix for Locked Concept 


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