Liquid is a sub-genre of drum & bass, and tends to be referred to as a more chill version of the genre. Drawing inspiration from jazz, soul and even blues, you can expect a more harmonious and melodic sound from liquid than the traditional bass intensive drum and bass, and making it easy listening for a chill evening or lazy morning. While the genre has only been around since 2000, it’s grown big with names like Netsky, Nu:Tone, High Contrast producing a lot of liquid tracks.

Liquid drum and bass is peaceful, serene and tranquil, and is one of our favourite genres to wind down to after a long day. No matter what’s going on, a good bit of liquid DnB is guaranteed to ease your mind.

One of our favourite liquid DnB tracks comes from London based duo GLXY. This one has a lot of obvious jazz influences that give it a really soulful, relaxed vibe that is perfect for that midnight cigarette.

‘I Surrender’ is another one of our favourites coming from Diego Torres. With beautiful lyrics, a fast, familiar beat and soft piano in the background make this a really well rounded track that puts our minds at ease and makes us feel truly at peace. We can’t commend this track enough, so listen for yourself – we bet you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Up next is the emotionally charged tune from Canadian Cyber Posix, ‘I Haven’t Forgotten You’ that instantly pulls you in with it’s simple but calming melody and atmospheric blend of piano and synths. There’s some comfort in the underlying drum and bass beat, but the piano harmony halfway through the track leaves us breathless. This is the calming beauty that is liquid drum and bass.

While we could go on all day with amazing liquid DnB tracks, we’re going to finish off this week with this track from AK & Mapps. From the start, this one really immerses you in its deep bass and catchy harmonies, and also plays off silence halfway through the track, building its way back up with another calming and peaceful tune.

What we really love most about liquid DnB is that it makes us feel something. Whether at the end of a long day, or the calm before the storm, liquid DnB provides such a peaceful, calming atmosphere that we can’t imagine life without it. You can find more of this beautiful genre here and here and be sure to check in next week for another genre rundown, and be sure to check out last week’s glitch hop article!


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