Let It Roll wrapped up this weekend, a massive festival in Prague, Czech Republic that is essential for any Drum & Bass fan to attend before they die.

The world’s largest drum and bass festival, this year Let It Roll hit over 25,000 attendees and featured the talents of Andy C, Chase & Status, Netsky, Noisia, Wilkinson, Pendulum, and many, many more.

As we’re huge fans of DnB here at MA, we definitely couldn’t miss it this year! For those of you who couldn’t make it, or just want to relive such a glorious weekend, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite moments from the weekend and compiled them into this epic Best of Let It Roll 2016 list, just for you.

DJ Rampin – Rough Tempo – Underworld Stage

Hailing from Essex, no one was prepared for the madness DJ Rampin would bring to Prague last weekend. As part of the Rough Tempo crew, DJ Rampin absolutely destroyed the Underworld Stage with flawlessly mixed tune after tune. This tattooed renegade not only impressed the audience with his skills behind the decks, but also because he didn’t let his being in a wheelchair stop him from keeping the energy so high under the tent. There’s a good reason the only person to draw in a bigger crowd than DJ Rampin was Macky Gee. Watch a clip from his set below for a taste of the madness.

MA Music Showcase – KITT – Bass Drop Stage

MA were also lucky enough to have our very own KITT play a special showcase set on Thursday on the Bass Drop Stage. If you’ve ever had the fortune of seeing him play, you’ll know KITT is an insanely talented DJ, drawing an impressive crowd to LIR’s opening night. With a plethora of unreleased tunes from many of our friends at MA, the crowd went absolutely wild, and for good reason. Watch this clip of the opening of his set below:

Noisia – Outer Edges – Main Stage

Noisia were one of the biggest names on the LIR lineup, and we got to witness the madness from start to finish. We were lucky enough to get to watch them prepare their set during soundcheck – seeing these legends play in an empty airstrip was pretty surreal, but nothing could have prepared us for their set later on. We got to watch them play out their new album, ‘Outer Edges’, on one of the coolest stages we’ve ever seen. The production value was almost as massive as the tunes, and the crowd’s energy could not be beat! Catch a snippet of their set below:

And a glimpse of the insanity that was the main stage:

Bus Parties

One of our favourite things about LIR is the bus parties. Basically, you and loads of your closest mates get on a renovated bus with some of your favourite DJs, and what ensues is absolute madness. We got to party with the Rough Tempo crew on Saturday afternoon with the likes of Shimon, Benny L, Trimer and more – all while driving around the festival site.

The best part is the DJs are all aboard and partying right along with you, so the energy is unbeatable. While Benny L was smashing the decks, Trimer and Shimon were right there with us and the crowd was going wild!

Following Benny L was Trimer himself, who always brings an unparalleled energy to his sets, no matter when or where it is. And in this case, it was at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon on a bus driving through an air strip in Prague. Nothing beats that!

Of course, it wasn’t just bus parties all weekend. While we danced around all day on a bus, we continued dancing the night away in each of the various tents at LIR. We spent Friday night watching Coppa destroy the stage before heading to the Underworld Tent for the Rough Tempo takeover, watching Shimon, Macky Gee, Levela, Trimer, Benny L, and many more, plus some of our favourite MCs!

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