Mokita has teamed up with The Ready Set to release ‘Broken Parts’, and we’re sure you’ll love it

Tennessee native Mokita and electro-indie-pop musician The Ready Set have come together to produce ‘Broken Parts’, the teenage ballad we all need to hear. With Jordan (The Ready Set)’s dreamy vocals accompanying Mokita’s even dreamier production, this one is sure to sweep you off your feet.

The track opens on a soft note, enveloping us in a sweet, gentle melody. Jordan’s charming vocals kick in, creating an incredibly soothing atmosphere. The lyrics are heartfelt and comforting, and take us back to our years of teenage romance and heartbreak.

The melody flows effortlessly, accompanied by The Ready Set’s smooth vocals. The emphasis switches back and forth between vocals and instrumentals with ease. The drop carries luscious future bass vibes, and leaves us feeling energized.

Following the explosive drop, The Ready Set’s vocals carry us through another enchanting series of sounds, providing comfort and relief. This track definitely helps put your mind at ease! Mokita’s production definitely makes for easy listening, and is exceedingly soothing. There’s something really mesmerizing about the way these two artists have worked together, and we love the end result!

An unexpected but incredibly successful collaboration, Mokita and The Ready Set have combined their creative efforts to release the spellbinding ‘Broken Parts’. With alluring vocals and even more enchanting production, this one is sure to be stuck in your head for days to come. Be sure to follow Mokita and The Ready Set to see what’s next from these two talents!

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