French-born, Netherlands-based producer Fytch has just released his ‘Show You’ EP last week, and it’s definitely one for the books

Standing out for its unique sound design and creative energies, Fytch has created four completely different atmospheres in each track on the EP. With a wide range of sounds drawing from an even wider range of inspirations, this young producer is definitely one to look out for.

“Each song on the EP takes the listener into a completely new environment. I’ve tried to create an organic sound that is visual and almost tangible. With this, I would like to inspire reflection from my audience; a search for the answers we conceal deep within.” – Fytch

Starting off the EP is ‘Floating’, which opens with a gentle yet powerful melody that builds into a more experimental sound. With sharp synths and harsh samples, Fytch creates a stark contrast that is full of emotion. Each element is distinct, and sound almost tangible. Fytch uses a wide array of sounds we’ve never heard before, all coming together in perfect harmony.

The second track, sharing a name with the EP, opens on a lighter note. Alisa Nappa’s alluring vocals kick in pretty early and wrap us in a serenade of sound. There’s a really innocent quality to her voice, and the supporting track furthers those ingenuous vibes.  ‘Show You’ gives off such a bright, palliative energy, and is full of emotion.

The piano alongside Alisa Nappa’s voice adds such a gentle note, and the track flows effortlessly from start to finish. There’s a longing in her voice that really strikes a chord with us, and the lyrics are delivered in a way that is genuine and sincere. Despite the soft sounds of the track, there’s still a really powerful force coming from those almost-tangible sounds and raw emotion.

‘Echoes’ is the third track, and definitely one of our favourites. The vocals on this have that same innocent quality as Alisa Nappa’s, but are perhaps even more alluring. There’s an almost indie-pop flair to this one, velvety vocals adding a real warmth to the track that can’t be replicated. The harmony here is simply gorgeous!

The track bursts into a plethora of bright sound shortly after the first minute, leaving us feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. Again, the sounds coming out of our speakers feel almost tangible, and we’re whisked away by the beauty of it all. Fytch’s unique sounds comes across so strongly on this one, and we’re so impressed with this young artist’s production.

Finishing off the album is Irkalla, which opens right away with a really energetic, catchy melody. We get some subtle jazz vibes in this one, alongside more futuristic samples as well. There’s a darker energy coming off of this one as well, showcasing the wide spectrum of sounds and atmospheres on this short EP.

We’re always excited to hear new Fytch here at MA, and this release certainly has lived up to the high standard we’ve come to expect from this talented young producer. With four completely different tracks, each boasting a different atmosphere and unique array of sounds, ‘Show You’ is a true work of art from start to finish.

Be sure to grab this EP for yourself now, graciously available as a free download from Heroic Recordings!

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