Lapsung reimagines his illustrious ‘L, the Shard’ album with 10 new remixes and 17 original tracks

One of Brighton’s brightest, Lapsung is gearing up to release his massive ‘L, the Shard (Reshattered) album, a unique body of work that defies easy classification. Featuring 17 new tracks and 10 remixes, this album is an impressive feat, encompassing a vast array of genres, influences, and inimitable sound design. Eclectic and provocative, ‘L, the Shard (Reshattered)’ is a reimagining of Lapsung’s original ‘L, the Shard’, released in April last year.

The album is characterized by distinctive, emotive sounds. With an artful blend of retro, futuristic, and entirely innovative imaginings, each track tells a story on its own, and contributes beautifully to the flow of the album as a whole. Enticing, inventive, and honest, ‘L, the Shard (Reshattered)’ is truly remarkable.

One of our favourite tracks on the album is ‘Dragged’, a whimsical, profound piece drawing from a wide range of influences. Opening with a gentle, soothing melody cut with sharper synths and vibrant piano, ‘Dragged’ flows effortlessly out our speakers, surrounding us in an elegantly stirring soundscape. Alluring vocals weave in and out, carrying with them a mysterious, poignant influence.

There’s an innocence to the track that lures you in, exuding a sense of infectious wonder between gentle vocals and shimmering melodies. Captivating and luxurious, ‘Dragged’ leaves a vibrant vestige of the vividness to come from the following tracks.

Another favourite off the album is ‘She Trawled’, featuring the gorgeous, sultry voice of Helen Clark. A glowing and graceful tune, Lapsung creates a gorgeous, immersive sound, setting the scene perfectly for such opulent vocals. Exuding elegance, Helen Clark adds an element of warmth and zeal – we love the juxtaposition of the tender lyrics and spacey sound design.

Following ‘She Trawled’ is the quirky, chiptune-infused tune ‘Unhappy Pills’ –full of more animated, bright sounds – easily another favourite. One thing that really stands out about this album is despite the somewhat experimental feel to it and the vast array of sounds at play, each track still has a clear, coherent vision and impeccable flow, a true testament to Lapsung’s skills as a producer.

‘Cried Glass’ gives us a much more industrial, neuro-esque vibe, showcasing Lapsung’s darker side, explored even further with ‘Fuck Daylight’. There is something to be said, too, about the album’s arrangement – taking the listener on a journey from soft, gentle sounds, climaxing with the bright and bubbly ‘Unhappy Pills’ before delving into something slightly more sinister towards the end.

The penultimate track of the album, ‘Four Heads’, delivers an abstract bedlam of sound before finishing up with the idyllic ‘You End I’. With shimmering melodies and a serene soundscape, ‘You End I’ offers the perfect ending to what has been a truly incredible album from start to finish. As enchanting as the first track, we’re taken full circle, ending on a tranquil yet incendiary consummation.

In addition to 16 original tracks, ‘L, the Shard (Reshattered) also offers 10 remixes, featuring work from Apriskah, HOTELS, Speaklo, and more.

A truly original album, ‘L, the Shard (Reshattered)’ begs a listen from start to finish, much like a good book that is read cover to cover. With exceptional sound design and colossal creativity, Lapsung has left a lasting mark on the music industry with this release, and we look forward to hearing more from this aspiring young producer.

‘L, the Shard’ (Reshattered) is available this Friday

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