Bringing badassery back to Drum and Bass since 2011 and now he wants more

L 33 has been a big name in the DnB industry for a while now and has been involved with big label names such as Eatbrain and Titan, has been a part of the very prestigious Let It Roll festival and now has a release on Cause4Concerns own label. He has always had a full on energetic and aggressive production style and his new release mirrors that perfectly. L 33: The Crypt EP is a 4 song strong collection of the most fast paced, skank inducing ‘riddims’ of the heavy neurofunk genre, eliciting every quality production sound and copping the art of mastering a ‘shoe chucker’.

First up is the title track collaboration with Hijak MC, ‘The Crypt’ beginning with a repetitive deep bass hit and high atmospheric synths alongside the vocal run of the MC in question. The track quickly dives into a rolling drum beat of epic proportion and a artillery of electrifying synths that add to the energy of the song. The drum beats become more frequent as the voice of Hijak comes back in, warning the listeners that they ‘can’t run and can’t hide’ which is vaguely true in terms of the power and sheer ferocity of this track. The track dips back down to the high pitched synths building back up to the all important Neuro drop and delivers the same experience again a second time around. L 33’s production skill is never in question and he will always impress the DnB lovers here at MA if he continues with tracks like this.

‘Most Wanted’ is the name of the second track on this EP and is a little different to the first. The same aggression and energy you like to hear in a Neurofunk track but a different outcome. The track builds up to the drop with a flurry of drums and some relatively soft electric guitar sounding riffs before delving into the vocal clip and hurling everything the production has to offer at the listener. This track almost feels like you’re being thrown while listening to it and every tiny addition to the background, bassline or main drum beat makes the song an awesome wave of firepower with every bar. As the track is broken down again, noises like smashing glass and the building up of power makes the second drop just as hefty as the first, continuing to throw any one within 10 feet of the track straight into screwface.

Third up is ‘Destabilise’, the still strong but slightly lighter track of the EP. No less power put into the production but something about the upbeat synths and rolling bassline makes this track a funky rendition of L33’s atmospheric Neurofunk technique. The vocal clip that rockets the track into swing is simply the words ‘come on’ and if it doesn’t make you jump out of your seat and start raving then we don’t know what will. The deep durgy synths on top of the bassline and the heavy rolling percussion combines to make this track a non stop speed filled race from beginning to end. L 33 is proving to be a heavyweight force to be reckoned with and we love it.

Last but by far not least is the remix of Cause4Concern’s ‘Jinx’. L 33 takes a little twist on this one and throws the rolling drum track out to replace it with a bouncy bass kick and snare hit combination. Less high hats and more full force synths in this track, making it a healthy addition to his almost entirely original EP. The track delivers occasional out of range vocal clips and heavy machinery sounding synths bringing the build up quickly into a cluster of noise, well timed, warping synths and dark, wobbly subs.

If this is the kind of release we are seeing from L 33 all year round then we would suggest keeping your eye firmly on the labels he has worked with in the past and possibly even new ones. Mainly based in Europe but thanks to EP’s like L 33: The Crypt, he will be visiting new countries and making a name for himself around the world, look out for shows near you and let us know which of his tracks you particularly enjoy!

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