If anyone knows anything about the bass music scene right now it is this – Krimer is absolutely destroying it. After a wealth of shows in the USA and consistently good releases on Never Say Die – he is back this time with an incredible double single Takeover / Take That on NSD.

We kick off with, ‘Takeover’ that starts off with tonnes of familiar 8-bit noises and an introduction that just constantly hypes you up to the point where you don’t know what to do with yourself. Then, as you may have heard in lots of live shows recently, “We’re not here to take part – we’re here to takeover” blasts the tune into a sky high orbit with a gritty and intense drop.

Next up we have a brilliant collaboration with EH!DE. He is still yet to release his own debut EP or single through the label – but this collaboration with Krimer is getting us hopeful that he will get his own feature release soon. ‘Take That’ is definitely one you will want to throw in all your sets.

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