With the recent release of Killbox’s remix of Black Sun Empire & Noisia’s ‘The Veil’ and their upcoming performance at NASS 2018, we thought it was high time we sit down and catch up with one of drum & bass’ most prolific duos.

It is an absolute honour and pleasure to have you guys with us here today – how are you both?

A – Good thanks

E – All good thanks

You decided to keep the identity of Killbox a secret for a while – why was that?

A – I think we both wanted the project to stand on its own feet without any preconceived opinions on the music, for it to be looked at face value really.

E – Exactly, we both have extensive back catalogs so we didn’t want that to effect this project

How do you think it impacted your career as a duo?

E – It’s a lot of fun travelling with someone else, makes the boring delayed flights a lot better .

A – For me it’s the first time really writing with someone all the time , and it’s great , really adds another dimension in the studio when there’s someone giving with you.

Why did you finally decide to go public?

A – We had to really , a lot of people had actually worked it out and it wasn’t something we planned to keep secret.

Was it hard to keep a secret? Who did you find it was the hardest to keep it from? Did your mums know?

E – Yeah was hard , because you’re obviously excited about working on a new project but you can’t tell anyone , which kinda sucks

A – I did tell my mum …. sorry

Can you tell us a little bit about the writing process as a duo? What would you say are each other’s strengths over the other?

A – Ben brings the weird noises lol, nah seriously he is great at making those super weird textures, something I just don’t have the patience for.

E – Gareth is the drums guy, and workflow, he has a great ability to not be too precious about things aren’t working

We’re excited to see you guys are playing NASS Festival this summer – what can we expect from you there?

A – End of level boss DNB, basically

E – Yeah pretty much what he said

What’s been your most memorable place to play so far, and where would you most like to play in the future?

A – We were very lucky to have such a great festival season last year (hopefully again this year) Let it roll, Boomtown were particularly good

E – We just did nye in Auckland and Perth , just flew out for 2 days , that was pretty epic

You’ve recently released a remix of Black Sun Empire & Noisia’s ‘The Veil’ – how did this come about, and what is it like remixing someone else’s track compared to writing your own?

A – We’ve both known the bse guys for a very long time and have a great relationship so it made sense , and they gave us the choice so it had to be “the veil” , the original was a favourite of ours.

And finally, if you couldn’t produce drum & bass together, what other job could you see yourselves doing, either as a duo or separately?

E – Funny you should ask but we both talked about this before, we both love food in a big way and are chief cooks in our homes,  so prob open a restaurant

A – Absolutely, you can get the same creative buzz for cooking a delicious plate of food as you can from making a sick baseline .

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, and can’t wait to see what’s next in 2018!

Catch Killbox at this year’s NASS festival alongside Fred V & Grafix, Andy C, Wilkinson, Friction, & many more: 

Be sure to grab their remix of ‘The Veil’ as well as the rest of ‘The Wrong Room Remixed’ here

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