JuJu is the latest in the Black Friday series on NSD: Black Label and we got instantly excited when we found out this was being given away as a free download since it’s such a banging tune! When compared to everything else that has come out on Black Label recently, this one certainly stands out. It’s so unique in its arrangement and sound design but feels familiar at the same time. It’s like not watching Eastenders for 5 years to then sit down and try and start where you left off. The square is still the same, but all the people are different.

So why is ‘Ju Gold’ so different? It’s not trying to be anything other than what it is. It’s not a copy or a clone and it has a completely unique style that stands out on its own two feet. It is, to put simply, something fresh and enjoyable to listen to without taking away or adding too much. It has one of the most unique rhythmical patterns over the drop that I don’t think anyone would want to double over either – not because it wouldn’t work, but for fear that it would take away from the track.

We had the pleasure of being backstage in Paris for the NSD: Black Label takeover with Trampa, Eptic, Krimer, Megalodon, Graphyt & Ecraze and JuJu – where he dropped the track. It was about 4.30am and the crowd is still going strong – despite the entire venue being covered in a layer of warm salty sweat that dripped from the ceiling. It was at this moment that JuJu dropped ‘Ju Gold’ which then proceeded in him, Megalodon and Krimer interacting with the crowd at the front, grabbing pics and generally just vibing out with the crowd. The feels in that room were insane.

It’s great to see such diversity and quality coming out from the Never Say Die camp and Black Label is consistently raising the bar again and again to ensure that they are pushing their own artists as well as pushing the quality of the music up in general. We can safely say there aren’t many labels that do that and do it well.

Ju Gold by JuJu is out now as a free download on NSD: Black Label!

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