Ahh, JuJu. One of our favourite producers on Black Label. His unique sound and style certainly makes him stands out from the rest of the crowd but not in a weird, niche kind of way. His sound is extremely accessible (as long as you’re into dubstep) and is one of the only producers to push a unique sound through for quite some time. There’s just something about it that really works.

The ‘Barritus’ EP features 3 tracks and 1 remix. Bad Boy Riddim is probably our favourite on there just from how big and wide the track is. The groove and sound design just capture you immediately and there is just so much energy infused into the sounds it’s hard NOT to like it.

JuJu has been throwing these ones out when he plays live and they have been shaking the entire room top to bottom, front to back. Again, it’s rare that a tune make the entire crowd lose their mind but JuJu seems to be garnering a good reaction wherever he plays lately.

‘Barritus’ EP by JuJu is OUT NOW on NSD: Black Label

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