The latest release on Circus Records, Jessica Audiffred delivers sultry future bass vibes with ‘Watching Me’

Definitely something different from the label, Circus Records have just released the new tune from Jessica Audiffred – a name you may not have been familiar with before now, but definitely will want to get to know after hearing this tune! Featuring the gorgeous vocals of Sammi Constantine, the tune carries soulful, jazzy vibes amidst vibrant drops and elegant melodies, and we just can’t get enough!

With glimmering melodies over an energetic drumbeat, Jessica Audiffred showcases her talents before we’re serenading by the lovely voice of Sammi Constantine. Powerful, emotive, and luxurious, the vocals add a depth and a warmth to the track that makes for one seriously addictive sound.

The first drop introduces a bright new wave of future bass infused sound, adding a vibrancy and vigor to the tune, and allows Jessica Audiffred to show us the full range of her production abilities. The flow of the track is impeccable, and we’re carried in and out of drops seamlessly. Despite the constantly changing sounds, the energy is high from start to finish.

The focus shifts halfway through the third minute with a strong emphasis on Sammi Constantine’s lavish vocals – Jessica Audiffred could not have picked a more perfect accompaniment for her track! The vocals perfectly complement the opulent feeling of the production – truly a match made in heaven.

What really stands out about this track is the groove it has – you can’t help but move along to the beat for a good four minutes. The sounds are constantly changing and evolving, graceful melodies weaving in and out of harder hitting beats, all while maintaining that infectious energy. A strong addition to the Circus Records roster, we’re beyond pleased with this track and look forward to hearing more!

Get ‘Watching Me’ now, out on Circus Records 

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