The galaxy’s funkiest four piece group, Lunar Lander Dance Commander, deliver the alt-rock electronic sound we’ve been craving with ‘Liquid Smooth’

The group’s first EP, ‘Liquid Smooth’ is chocked full of funky fresh space vibes with six distinct tracks that are guaranteed to get you moving.

The first track, ‘Creeper’, opens with singer Steph’s powerful vocals, supported by groovy basslines for a track that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days to come. Giving underground grunge vibes to the alt-rock scene, this first track is a perfect introduction to Lunar Lander Dance Commander.

Next up is the incredibly catchy ‘We Won’t Go’, easily our favourite off the album. We love a powerful female vocal, and this track certainly delivers exactly that. The video comes just in time for Halloween as well, delivering spooky funk vibes that have us falling for LLDC even more than before.

‘Free’ gives us a slightly softer sound and marks the halfway point of the album, incorporating elegant folk vibes amidst alluring vocals before strong guitar leads kick in, turning it into a memorable rock ballad.

Next up is ‘Open Your Eye’, delivering fast-paced, sassy punk realness. With male vocals that carry just as much personality as Steph’s, this adrenaline-fueled tune transports us to the world of Japanese race cars and late night bar hopping in one colourful package.

‘Rooftop Renegade’, the album’s penultimate track, delivers more classic rock vibes with lots of attitude – by this point in the album, we find ourselves heavily addicted to Steph’s vocals which have proven to be both versatile and incredibly feisty.

Last but not least is ‘Free (Soak It In Remix)’ which is the track that really drew us into LLDC. Strong vocals pair with organic violin and heavy electronic influences, making for a track as unique as it is addictive. We love the combination of soft string instruments and the more feisty alt-rock sound, but it’s the integration of electronic elements that really make this track stand out.

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