If you’re a fan of drum & bass, you’re bound to have come across the name InsideInfo at one point or another. An absolute god when it comes to innovative and memorable sound design, the producer from London is known for some of the biggest tracks in the game, such as ‘Conformity’, ‘Glimpse’ feat. Fable, ‘Revolution, and ‘Metamorphosis’. It’s been about a year since we last spoke to him, following the launch of his self-titled album.

After an incredible few years on the legendary Viper Recordings, Paul Bondy, aka InsideInfo, is once again making waves in the music scene with a brand new website, a free new single, exclusive merch, and a whole lot more. With so much going on, we wanted to sit down with the genius himself and chat about what exactly we can expect from him in 2018 (spoiler alert: this includes collaborations with Hybrid Minds, Kasra, remixes for DC Breaks and Mampi Swift, and a whole lot more).

Hey Paul! So lovely to have you with us today, how have you been?

Pleasure, really good, been a hectic few months!

2018 is gearing up to be a big year for you following the release of last year’s album – can you tell us about the reception of the self-titled LP since?

It was really nice to finally get an album out there and finished. Personal achievement. The reception was great, it’s really nice hearing people choose a variety of different tracks as their favs, it was a big weight off my shoulders getting an album done and once it was finished I felt like I could have a bit more freedom with what I was writing, so that felt really good!

Your first single of 2018, ‘Pollinate’, has been graciously given out as a free download – why did you decide to release this way?

It was a track I actually wrote for the album but I ended up shelving it, later on I went back on it and stuck in a couple of mixes and people were asking me if it was ever going to be released. I kinda regretted missing it from the album, so I polished it up a bit and it’s been a long time since I gave away a free tune so I figured it made sense.

The new tracks mark a new start for InsideInfo with a brand new website as well, can you tell us what we can expect to see from you there? Nice to see new merch as well, will there be more designs coming out?

Yes – I’ve always wanted to get a website where I can expand a bit more and get some cool T’s made up, my friend’s a really good designer and he’s working on some designs. I just wanted a place to call home where I can keep archives of old stuff and give stuff away and tie everything I do together in one place

You’ve got two absolutely massive remixes due for release soon as well, one for DC Breaks and one for the legendary Mampi Swift – can you talk us through what it’s like to remix a track that is played out as much as ‘Gambino’ is today compared to remixing an older classic like ‘The One’?

Well, The One was certainly a tall order, even though the original is so simple, it’s such a classic that was played out all the time from the days when I first started hitting the clubs. I originally didn’t want to do it, and wanted to do another Swift classic, like Trippin or something, but gave it some thought and figured what the hell. There were no distinct parts as such so I had to sample bits of the original and recreate everything else, but that’s all part of the fun. With a track like that, for me it’s important to stay close to the original, just bring it up to date a bit. Gambino was an entirely different beast, had all the parts felt like I had a lot more freedom with where to take it,  so I was more creative with it.

You’ve also got some exciting collaborations in the works – can you talk to us about what it was like working with Hybrid Minds? How are you able to incorporate their delicate, liquid sound into your more tech-heavy sound design?

That has gone really really well, we both work at totally different ends of the spectrum but respect what each of us does so we play to our strengths, I love working with those guys, we became pretty good mates after I did the remix of Meant to be for them and it kinda stemmed from that. The music’s not quite ready yet, but so far we have 4 tracks on the go and are deffo going to keep doing more, it seems to gel really well.

Speaking of collaborations, we heard a rumour about a project with Kasra for Critical – what can we expect from this project in the new year?

That’s a project I’m really excited about getting out there, beginning of last year we started work on a track, and 1 year later we have a whole EP ready and another single brewing. It worked so well we decided to launch it as a thing rather than just Kasra and InsideInfo, there will be more news about that cropping up soon.

 With so much going on music-wise, what hobbies or other pastimes do you make time for when you’re not producing?

Well at the moment any spare time I have is spent with my family; my missus gave birth 5 months ago and made me a dad, so that’s been keeping me busy!  But I do find a bit of time to squeeze in the odd videogame, Not online games though, they do my head in! I also love cooking.

And with your now iconic sound design that seems to draw a lot of influence from all things science fiction, can you tell us your Top 5 Sci-Fi influences?

Well, film wise there’s the obvious Aliens, Predator and Bladerunner, Terminator, all massive and influential when I was growing up, Was also a huge fan of Tron.

And finally, we’d love to know who you most look up to in the scene, as well as who you think we should keep an eye on in 2018?

tbh there isn’t really one artist I look up to more than anyone else, everyone has their own unique talent and take on anything, I respect artists doing their thing in their own way. For 2018, I’m gonna say keep an eye on Synth Ethics, they booked me for a show years ago in Italy and are now coming through with some awesome music, one to watch!

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today, and can’t wait to see what else you have in store this year!

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