We check in with one of electronic music’s most prolific artists ahead of his debut album release this April.

InsideInfo is a name that any fan of complex, hard-hitting Drum and Bass will recognise. But the talented producer’s long-awaited debut LP has something a little more to offer – and not something we were all expecting. With singles ‘Spychase’ and ‘Glimpse feat. Fable’ already generating some serious hype online, we decided to sit down with Paul Bondy – aka the man behind the music – to chat about his inspiration for the InsideInfo LP and more.

Hi Paul! It’s great to have you with us. How are you?

Really good! Been a hectic start to the new year but I’m feeling very blessed at the moment.

You’ve released some of the most pivotal Drum and Bass tunes we’ve heard over the last few years – ‘Pulsation’ with Mefjus, ‘Conformity’ and ‘Metamorphosis feat. Miss Trouble’ to name a few. Have we got more treats like these in store?

Thanks! I guess the answer to that would be “hopefully”? Because it’s difficult to tell if a tune is going to do well or not when writing it. I still feel like I have a lot of ideas in the pot and I’ll keep on at it for a long time to come.

We’re hearing a lot about the variety of features on the ‘InsideInfo LP’. How did you get working with the likes of Fable and Bleed From Within’s Scott Kennedy?

My manager Asad got in touch with both of them and got the ball rolling. The Fable link-up came about after hearing her sing on Paul Hartnoll’s 8:58 album on a track called “Cemetery”. I’ve been a huge Orbital fan for years and when I heard this track I was blown away by the lyrics and the absolute potency of her voice.  I’d written an instrumental piece that needed a singer and she was top of the list to sing on it. Scott Kennedy came in after I’d written this idea for a heavy metal track – Scott was the perfect choice and when he heard the track he was down to give it a go. He nailed it.

What are a few tracks or artists who inspired you during the making of the album?

There were many – too many to list really – but I wanted to create something that represented me and took inspiration from all the things I’ve grown up and ‘absorbed’ over the years. That’s anything from early rave music, heavy metal, music from the 80’s, film soundtracks, IDM, video games, good times, bad times… You name it!

Were there any setbacks during the making of “InsideInfo LP”? What was the most difficult part?

There was one track I spent absolutely ages writing, re-writing, messing about with and in the end I just hated it and it didn’t make the final cut. Actually, there was a few tracks like that… but that’s all part of the creative process.

What was your favourite track to make and why?

Hard to say, although when Aref Durvesh came over and recorded the parts for our collaboration tune that was brilliant, so much fun. When Fable delivered the vocal for Glimpse and it all fell into place I was buzzing, too.

You’re known for your interesting use of samples in your music. Can you give us a hint of what sort of sounds you used for the LP?

Well, there are sounds in there from old records and soundtracks I love twisted up beyond recognition, lots of field recordings… I don’t want to give too much away at this point, listen and see if you spot anything.

Where can we catch you playing out the new tunes over the next few months?

All over the place! If you head over to Bands in Town you can find out where I’m playing.

“InsideInfo LP” is available to buy or stream from 7th April on Viper Recordings.

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