Indivision release their highly anticipated twelve-track EP, Mirakuru

Estonian duo Indivision released ‘Mirakuru’ earlier this month, a twelve track EP full of drum & bass goodness. Taking the name from a super-soldier serum used in DC’s ‘Green Arrow’ series, ‘Mirakuru’ definitely is one miraculous album. Out on Fat Tape Records, Indivision show us the best of their production with twelve beautifully crafted tracks, each one completely unique and yet still with Indivision’s distinguishable sound.

The album opens with the self-titled ‘Mirakuru’ – upbeat and fresh, it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album. There’s a certain glimmering quality to the melodies as they float effortlessly out our speakers, and we’re surrounded in some seriously comforting sounds. It’s not long until that wonky bassline kicks in, though, reminiscent of something Dimension might have come up with (yes, it’s that good!). ‘Mirakuru’ is an instant classic, and we can easily see this one being played out in a wide variety of sets – versatile and iconic, it sets the bar incredibly high for what’s to come.

‘Interceptor’, the second track, features some seriously stunning vocals, and still contains that upbeat, infectious energy of its predecessor. Fast-paced and full of adrenaline, ‘Interceptor’ somehow sounds incredibly familiar, even on the first listen – another sign to us that it will be a classic every drum & bass fan has in their collection!

The third track, ‘Libra’, carries an almost Fox Stevenson-esque sound with a definitive chiptune influence, while ‘Gladio’ offers something slightly darker. The fifth track, ‘Keystrokes’, gives us something really uplifting, and is definitely another one of our favourites, featuring both Pipistrelle and Alter Ego. ‘Keystrokes’ is as catchy as it is emotive and will certainly be stuck in your head for a time!

‘Edgar Allan Poe’ is another powerful tune from the duo, with intense build-ups and a really gritty sound compared to the previous tunes. Following that is ‘Elee’, another exceptional tune off the album. Featuring strong, passionate vocals over a rolling beat, what really stands out about this one is the emotion captured in the drops. Each beat perfectly complements the vocals and makes for a really powerful tune overall.

‘Insomnia’ offers a softer side with alluring male vocals from Gmorozov, and just a dash of 8-bit charm that makes for a really unique atmosphere. ‘Imprints On My Soul’ has a jazzy vibe, while ‘Pirates’ is led by an exceptionally well crafted bassline – demonstrating once again the incredibly diverse range of talent covered by the duo.

The penultimate track, ‘Peaky Blinders’, is a slower tune, helping us wind down and prepare for the inevitable end of what has truly been an incredible album. With acoustic vibes and a calming vibe, we see once more just how broad the spectrum of influence is for this album. Last but not least is ‘Remember My Name’, a soft, gentle track that floats out through our speakers, with more gorgeous vocals from Pipistrelle. Definitely the perfect end to an album, but also begs another play through from the start! There’s a real charm to this last track that we love, and we’re sure to remember Indivision’s name.

Covering a wide range of different sounds across the drum & bass spectrum, Indivision have presented an album that is not only beautiful, but totally unique. Drawing influence from a wide range of different sounds and with a fair few collaborations to boast, the album begs to be listened to thoroughly from start to finish, and has definitely left us more than impressed!

Pick up your copy of ‘Mirakuru’ here or download on iTunes 

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