Based in Bournemouth, UK, arguably the home of drum & bass, Subsphere Records have worked with some of the best and brightest names in the industry since its creation in 2011, including Feint, Stan SB, Keeno, Whiney, Moleman, Veela, Phase, and more.

With a focus on liquid and melodic drum & bass, Subsphere have proven they are a name to watch with a string of huge hits, such as Stan SB’s ‘Anyone Out There’ EP, Keeno & Whiney’s ‘Sweetest Sin’,Salaryman’s ‘Feel the Night’, and Feint’s ‘Horizons’ EP (which reached #4 on Beatport) – all iconic albums to any drum & bass fan. With over 30 million streams worldwide over ten releases, it’s clear Subsphere are on the rise, and this latest release is no exception.

One year after the release of label founder Moleman’s ‘Sensory’ EP, Subsphere are making a comeback in a big way with the release of Indivision’s ‘Mirakuru – The Remixes’ LP, including tracks from 23 of the genre’s current favourites, with remixes from Rameses B, Chords, Monrroe., and more – there’s no doubt this album will become yet another classic released under the label.

Rameses B gives the title track a rework with ‘Mirakuru’, infusing his signature sound into the original flawlessly. The serene atmosphere of the original is maintained with the intro before building up into an explosively vibrant breakdown.

Haszan & Overload take on vocal heavy ‘Remember My Name’, imparting the tune with reimagined breakdowns amidst the gorgeous vocals of industry favourite Pipistrellle.

Thirdly is Bristol based producer Monrroe.’s take on Keystrokes, an elegant tune with strong vocals that carries a comforting atmosphere. Monrroe. has stripped the tune down and breathed new life into it while still maintaining the grace and charm of the original.

Next up is Elliot Berger’s rendition of Interceptor feat. Boxplot, adding his own unique future bass flair to the track. Mixing things up with a genre switch, Elliot Berger’s remix is as elegant as it is powerful, with a cinematic atmosphere from start to finish.

RAM Records’ own Chords took on ‘Mirakuru’ as well, adding an almost neuro-esque undertone, creatively adding a whole new dimension of energy and sound to the track. The juxtaposition of the light and airy sounds of the original against Chord’s distinctly darker elements makes for one truly masterful remix.

German producer Northern Zone adds a certain elegance to the album with his take on ‘Pirates’, giving it a classic rolling vibe that becomes a graceful yet powerful serenade of sound. Serene and emotive, this track flows effortlessly from start to finish, another perfect addition to the album.

Last but not least is Kasger’s remix of ‘Gladio’, another slightly darker track that perfectly finishes off this incredibly diverse sampler. With powerful yet ominous vibes, Kasger’s take certainly packs a punch.

Grab the full album on Bandcamp here

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