After surfacing on Soundcloud in recent years, Hounds & Senojnayr have teamed up to create an experimental trap masterpiece for label Veyron Arche

If you’re familiar with the two artists you’ll already know that this track is track is going to be something special

Tuning in through a buzz of assorted noises, ‘Wrath’ begins with an eerie atmosphere accompanied by some very classy drums. Every element of the mix of ‘Wrath’ feels well thought out, even in these early stages. For example, the percussion isn’t just some straight feeling 808 beat, instead, we’re treated to a dragged snare drum and hard hitting hats for a well-polished introduction. The track is a treat for the ears all the way through and an excellent flag bearer for well-produced experimental trap.

With such an impressive intro, you’d expect an impressive drop to match. We can tell you it does not disappoint. Before we’d even finished the first play-through of the drop we had to rewind it to listen again, the second, third and fourth replay of this awe-inspiring chorus invoking the same response. This drop has everything, an original feel, a punchy snare, neat fills and a hefty sub-bass. We’d go so far as to say this is one of the biggest, and freshest feeling, drops of the year.

The duo are so kind as to give us a breather after the stunning first drop, coming back to the original build-up’s atmosphere along with minor piano keys to boot. It drops again in no time at all however with a very different feel this time over. The second and final drop is of a very different feel to the first, retaining the same vibe and high quality but giving a straighter beat. It’s another demonstration of the artist’s talents, showing off their ability in two differing takes.

It’s music like this that ensures the freshness of a genre, by creating a unique feeling track it pushes the boundaries of perceived possibilities for both artists and listeners in the game. Hounds & Senojanyr, we salute you.

You can get ‘Wrath’ here

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