Easily on of the best tracks we’ve heard this year so far, Hillsdom deliver the enchantingly clean roller ‘Lucid Dreams’ on Pilot Records

Ending the month of April on a high note, Hillsdom released ‘Lucid Dreams’ for their Pilot Records debut. A name previously unknown to us, the duo from Essex have left more than a good impression with this release, and we definitely plan to keep them on our radar if this track is to be any indication of what’s to come. One of the more unique drum & bass tracks we’ve heard in a while, Hillsdom give us something refreshing yet familiar – even on the first listen, the track has this really comforting feeling about it that makes it an instant favourite.

Opening with a bright, synth-infused melody and alluring vocals, there’s something really magical about the tune that we just can’t quite put our finger on. The production is clean and sharp, each sound distinctly crisp and yet flows in perfect harmony – a clean roller with a pop flair that makes ‘Lucid Dreams’ infectiously vibrant.

Blending together garage, jungle, rock and just about everything in between, Hillsdom’s varied influences give us the brilliantly refreshing sound that is ‘Lucid Dreams’. But despite the vast array of sounds featured in the tune, perhaps what stands out most to us is the almost tangible passion the track exudes. Between the flawless production and Novokane’s vocals, we haven’t heard such a debut this strong in a while.

Marking their first release on UKF founder Luke Hood’s Pilot imprint, Hillsdom have certainly left us craving more from the duo. It will be hard to follow such a strong debut, but we’re confident more magic will follow. This is genuinely one of our favourite tracks we’ve come across this year, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from both Hillsdom and Pilot Records.

Grab your copy of ‘Lucid Dreams’, out now on Pilot Records

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