After over a decade in the music industry, C.I.A Records have established themselves as a household name in Drum & Bass culture, being responsible for some of the industries biggest tunes. With a big focus on quality over quantity, the guys have done an incredible job over the years.

The first track up on the EP is actually a remix by Villem of Total Science‘s ‘False Alarm’. We’ve heard this played out a lot recently in a lot of different places. The reason why? It absolutely goes off. It just brings this moody atmosphere and dark vibes with some strangely contrasting percussion to brighten it all up. Just works so well.

The next up on the EP is the first track from Critical Impact and it certainly makes just that – an impact! He teamed up with Jakes to bring some proper dirty roller vibes with some really nice sounding basses being layered up in the background. Watch out Serum & Inja!

For track 3 we have a really nice contrasting track with deep liquid vibes from the Total Science guys. The track sorta rolls through with some quirky vocal stabs and some eerie reversed piano all glued together with a rather large bassline. This track is definitely What I Need to hear right now. (Ba-dum-tiss!)

Last but certainly no means least, we have, ‘Cascade’ by Arcatype which is one of our favourites on the EP so far. We get a really strong vibe coming through here with a nice rolling amen break and some proper deep basses and quirky synth hits layered over the top. It’s strangely soothing, yet has this constant energy to it that that makes you want to keep listening.

Classified V3 is OUT NOW on C.I.A Records

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