A new take on one of our favourite genres and Adam Bomb strikes gold

Dubstep has always been a genre that sits perfectly at home at MA but we are always looking for new and impressive production to take us away from the same old things we’ve been listening to for years. Adam Bomb’s ‘In My Head’ is a perfect example of an original take on the decades-old style that is dubstep, but with a classy and exciting twist.

It starts off with a few nice vocal clips and leads into a light and delicate future bassy intro. With very few durgy sounds and some really vibrant, happy synths, what comes next is bound to take your breath away. The drop comes in hard and fast and as if someone had just ripped the ground away from underneath us, we fell and enjoyed every flightless second. Adam Bomb uses immaculate synths and precise percussion to ensure every beat is full with aggression and energy, just like every dubstep track should be.

The track then filters back down to it’s future bass style build up only for a moment, to lower the listener’s guard once again. It swings back into heavy bass kicks and snare hits and a different twist on the previous drop making the track interesting and fun to listen to. A second flurry of powerful and interesting synths alongside a cracking sub bass makes this track a joy for all headbangers to listen to.

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