Stan Davis, professionally known as Guillotine, has been a bit quiet as of late. But, there’s a very good reason for that…

He has purposefully stayed quiet as of late to refine his sound and to test out some new ideas to a few unsuspecting crowds. It has definitely payed off big time. And then he unleashed his new mix…

This new mix showcases just why this young producer is still one to keep an eye on. Originally releasing on MA Records, he has gone from strength to strength and currently has his eyes on the big prize.

“This mix is just about showcasing music that I’ve been working on in the past year or so, along with a bunch of upcoming release from my friends! Hope you enjoy.” – Guillotine

Make sure you keep both eyes peeled, open, taped – whatever it takes to ensure you don’t miss out. There is some absolute fire in this mix.

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Freelance PR and Marketing for various clients. Previously worked at Disciple Records, Circus Records and used to run MA Records. Now gives general marketing and PR advice alongside running MA.

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