Almost a year after it’s release, Gramatik & Ramzoid team up for this incredible reimagining of Flume’s ‘Wall Fuck’

You may remember seeing Flume’s name float about with his release of the impressive ‘Skin’ EP last June. Almost a year later, Gramatik & Ramzoid have teamed up to give one of the more experimental tracks on the album a remix, and trust us when we say it’s something really special.

When ‘Wall Fuck’ first came out, we were impressed with how unusual and yet connected the sounds were, taking us on a journey and giving us a creative thinking space, all wrapped up in just a few minutes. There’s so much to be said for the sound design and arrangement of the original – despite being on the more experimental side, it definitely left a lasting impression on us. We were definitely skeptical to be seeing this tune remixed, but definitely no one to better to it justice than Gramatik and Ramzoid.

The track preserves those same vocals in the intro that sound like they’re stuck on an old CD player, but there’s another clear layer added that gives the tune the sense of groove it was missing originally. We get a stronger future bass presence as well with this sort of chiming melody, but the original vocals add that slightly darker twist to it.

Things explode into a burst of colour just over a minute in, giving us vibrant, bouncy vibes amidst the more chaotic, experimental sounds. There’s so much at play here, new sounds are constantly being introduced and yet the tune somehow still manages to flow perfectly. Gramatik & Ramzoid play with the silence as well, halting the track rather abruptly at times in homage to the original with that stuck vocal, and yet still manage to inject a sultry groove to it that we can’t help but dance along too.

This remix is nothing if not unique – it’s amazing to see how such talented producers as Gramatik & Ramzoid have been able to reimagine Flume’s masterpiece – not an easy feat by any means. There’s such an intricacy to the tune that it demands several listens – we’re still hearing something different with every play. The track closes out the last minute with a really warm, comforting melody – a perfect summation to this beautifully chaotic track. We could not be more pleased with the result!

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