‘Homeless Heart’ is the soulful new tune from Lady Bee featuring Grace Tither, and the passion that exudes from this tune cannot be beat.

The preview for this track went live last week, and we were instantly enraptured by the ever so stunning vocals. The fervor Grace Tither delivers to the lyrics is jaw-dropping, and we willingly let ourselves go, wrapped in her velvety smooth voice. The lyrics themselves are deep and ardent, and add a whole new layer of depth to the track.

Spectacular vocals aside, however, Lady Bee truly prove herself a force to be reckoned with as a producer as well. We love the upbeat, floating melody that soars along with the beat, and it somehow manages to plant itself deep in our heads, even after just one listen.

There’s a really high energy to this one that counteracts the melancholy lyrics, but there’s something really empowering about that. There’s such a captivating rhythm to the track, and the complex blend of instruments shows Lady Bee’s artistic ability as a producer.

The full track drops July 15th on Mixmash Records, but until then, you can enjoy the preview below.

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