With Rampage just around the corner, we’ve curated a few of our favourite tracks from featured artists to help get you pumped for this massive event!

Rampage is the biggest dubstep and drum & bass party in the world, with a lineup boasting the biggest and most talented names in the industry. This year’s lineup brings Funtcase, Eptic, Doctor P, Noisia, DJ Guv, Fox Stevenson, AMC, Modestep, Mefjus and more all under the same roof for one mind-blowing day of music. Hosted in Antwerp, Belgium, fans from across the world will fill the legendary SportPaleis in just over a week.

Every year, the folks at Rampage also release a massive compilation to help get everyone hyped for the event, featuring 37 tracks and full of exclusives from a lot of the performing artists. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites to help get you excited for Rampage 2017!

Starting with drum & bass supergroup SASASAS with their official ‘Rampage Anthem’, this energetic track definitely has us all kinds of excited for next weekend. With catchy rhymes over an even catchier beat, this is the perfect hype track. Fast-paced and pumped full of adrenaline, this is exactly the kind of track we can’t wait to hear played out live.

Combining the talent of 4 MCs (Skibadee, Stormin, Shabba D and Harry Shotta) over the production of the legendary Mackey Gee and Phantasy, SASASAS have always impressed us live, but seeing a new tune from them certainly is a rare treat! So much artistic talent brought together, leaving us beyond excited for the onslaught to come at Rampage 2017. Plus, they’ve given us a pretty sick lyric video so we can sing along!

Another big tune incoming on the Rampage 2017 compilation is the new one from Doctor P, ‘Virtual Reality’. We reviewed this track in full last week, but definitely worth checking out again!

Murdock has teamed up with Doctrine for this year’s official event anthem, ‘Fire’. This bouncy, gritty drum & bass tune has a cinematic opening that we can already imagine hearing as we first step foot into the venue. Things quickly build up into that incredibly catchy melody before breaking down into absolute madness.

Murdock releases a Rampage anthem every year as founder of the event, but they just keep getting better and better. The atmosphere of the track perfectly matches every imagining of the event, and his flawless production has us excited for what else he has in store for us. ‘Fire’ is an absolute weapon and we’re already imagining how well it’ll go off live!

Our favourite Fox Stevenson also released a new track for the album, ‘Knowhow’. With his signature upbeat, chiptune sound, this liquid tune is made of feel good vibes and positive energy – everything we need to get ready for Rampage! Fox is a master of releasing tunes with his signature sound that are still different and innovative, and ‘Knowhow’ is no exception.

This tune definitely highlights the more upbeat side of the compilation next to a lot of bass heavyweights, but it just wouldn’t be Rampage without Fox’s bright and bubbly sounds in there somewhere! We always love hearing new Fox Stevenson, and can’t wait to hear this one played out next weekend!

Also on the compilation are some older favourites that are definitely still bangin’ – Funtcase & Eptic’s famed collab ‘Oh Shit’, Noisia’s legendary ‘Dead Limit’, JPhelpz’s ‘Hench’ and many more. Definitely some awesome throwbacks that we still go crazy for!

Rampage’s 2017 compilation definitely features something for everyone, covering a wide spectrum of dubstep and drum & bass music, and it certainly did its job of getting us excited for the event. If you’re in Belgium next weekend, definitely come say hello! And if not, blast this compilation from your home speakers and rage on!

The entire compilation is available for purchase here

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