Gentlemens Club have gone from strength-to-strength this year! From self-releasing several albums worth of music and collaborating with pretty much the entire underground dubstep scene – the boys have stuck it into the next gear with their latest batch of releases. This time we are blessed with ‘Jungle’ – a track that piqued our curiosity quite some time ago and has been tingling the back of our ears ever since.

A massive part of why we love these guys so much is their own love for the music they produce. Not one single video are any of them moody. Not one of them is “tired” of touring. These guys literally cannot get enough! Every video we see them in they have a shit-eating grin slapped on their face like they’ve just discovered chocolate for the first time. It’s hard to find someone vibing out so much within the genre at the moment – these guys are a massive breathe of fresh air.

Many of you witnessed the carnage that GC brought to the table at Rampage in Belgium with a plethora of dubplates to their disposal. There is something magical and special about going to a show that you have NO idea what is about to happen. We’ve seen Skrillex a few times circa 2011 when he was touring with Flux and, while amazing, it was also annoying as he played a similar set wherever he went. The GC boys don’t do this and literally will just vibe with the crowd to get the most out of them and the event.

There is just something magical about what these guys are doing at the moment, and there is nothing better than being forced to go out to listen to some unreleased content that you know will most likely never see the light of day. Maybe eventually, but not for several years at least. Which leaves you standing around wanting more.

Jungle by Gentlemens Club is out NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD


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