This dark and eerie dubstep tune from Fytch gives us the chills. The vocals are spooky and just a bit unnerving, but enough to garner our full attention. The murky hip hop vibes pair surprisingly well with the ominous lyrics to create a pretty unique sound. Permeated by distorted bass, the piano riffs create a sense of duality between dark and light for a really vibe, and the abrupt ending leaves us begging for more. You can download or purchase this paranormal track out on Heroic Recordings.

If you want to hear something completely different from Fytch, check out this emotional future bass track that premiered on MA earlier this year. This lullaby like tune showcases Fytch’s wide range of talents with another flawless production. Emotionally charged, this one will make you feel a warming sense of longing that fulfills itself with the beauty of this tune. The soft use of piano paired with the enthralling vocals wrap us up in this soothing yet intricate future bass song, but it’s the lyrics that really speak to us on this one. Available on the ‘Falls Like Rain’ EP.

And if you want to hear what is perhaps one of the most beautiful dubstep tunes ever written, look no further than ‘Sirens Over Paris’. This melancholic dubstep track was written in response to the tragic events in Paris of November 2015, and there’s really not much we can say to capture the intense feeling Fytch put in to this one. As a Frenchman himself, the power in this track is unparalleled, the passion consummate. Here at MA, we are strong believers in the power of music, and this brooding track proves this above all else. Available here.


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