Brig, Chime and Rob Gasser work together to bring a new dubstep masterpiece

Ding! Your daily dose of happy go lucky 8-bit noises and filthy wobbly synths has arrived! Thanks to collaborative artists; Chime, Brig and Rob Gasser, dubstep lovers all over the world have been greeted with a truly impressive piece of work right to their earholes. “What The Funk” brings a solidly dark vibe underneath an overcoat of smiley and jumpy synths and it’s beyond perfect.

The track begins softly with a reverb that almost sounds like waves crashing against a beach, high pitched chimes in the background leading the build up into an 8-bit wonderland. The melody dances around the tune for a little, building energy and bringing nostalgia to every gamer’s hearts before proceeding to the vocal drop, “What The Funk” and delivering a new world of dirty synths and tough love basslines.

A production technique in particular that these three have always thrived in is the use of the heavy tones clashed against the light and upbeat happy vibes side by side in a song. Once again they have proved their production highly worthy in this track and will more than likely do so again in the future. Switching up the drum beat and throwing synths from one end to the other makes the tune itself exciting to listen to and easy to bounce to.

The second build up doesn’t switch up much but doesn’t particularly need to. The non repetitive melody means that listening to it more than once is far from a hastle and building up to the drop a second time just makes for more excitement. A slight twist in the drop as well makes fine work for a dubstep track like this as the flip in synths throws anyone listening off guard and hits them all again with another powerful bass kick and all inclusive bassline.

These 3 have proved themselves to work together extremely well and we are very much looking forward to hearing anything else they have in store for the rest of the year. For anyone who still believes that ‘dubstep is dead’, please be my guest and listen to anything that these three have released and take note in the fact, dubstep is far from dead.

Download “What The Funk” HERE

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