Liquicity are hosting their first ever two-day festival this July, so we’ve put together some of our favourite tunes from what has to be one of the biggest drum & bass lineups we’ve ever seen

Definitely one of the most powerful names in drum & bass, Liquicity follows up the success of last year’s event with their first ever two-day music festival, taking place this summer in Geestmerambacht (an hour outside of Amsterdam, the home of Liquicity). Bringing people together from all around the world over a shared love of liquid drum & bass, the lineup for this is absolutely huge, and definitely not one to miss.

To any fan of liquid drum & bass, the name Liquicity brings feelings of warmth and familiarity, representing one of the most inclusive communities in the entire music industry. If you’ve had the fortune of attending a Liquicity event in the past, you know to expect nothing short of an amazing time – if you haven’t yet, Liquicity’s first two-day festival is definitely something to check out, especially due to how special this year’s lineup is.

Bringing some of the biggest names in drum & bass to The Netherlands, the lineup includes some seriously legendary names: Sub Focus, Dimension, High Contrast, DJ Marky, and Murdock, to name a few. Not only that, but Liquicity are bringing in loads of their own artists, making it an even more phenomenal lineup – Maduk, Fox Stevenson, Feint, Dan Dakota, and so many more! Check out the full lineup below to see just how incredible this weekend is already shaping up to be.To get everyone excited for the event, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite tunes from just a few of the artists playing – if you’re not already counting down the day to the festival, you will be after this!

To get everyone excited for the event, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite tunes from just a few of the artists playing – if you’re not already counting down the day to the festival, you will be after this!

One of the artists we’re most excited to see are Hybrid Minds – they’ve continually wowed us this past year with some pretty huge releases. If you follow UKF, you’ll recognize the name off their annual drum & bass compilation, featuring their remix of ‘Cinnamon’ by Jome. Hybrids Minds have given us a few other equally stunning remixes over the years, our absolute favourite being their bootleg of ‘Youth’ by Daughter.

Another name to really get excited about is Liquicity Records co-owner Maduk. We’ve been following Maduk for a while now at MA (you may remember seeing our piece on him last year) and he never ceases to impress, both with his production and DJ skills. Maduk is also the mastermind behind the annual Liquicity Yearmix which gives an excellent taste of his skills behind the decks for anyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to see him live. If this mix doesn’t get you excited for the festival, we don’t know what will!

This festival also marks Flite’s European debut, who we’ve recently interview following the release of his ‘The Cure’ EP – check it out here!

Of course, any fan of drum & bass will be ecstatic to see Dimension’s name join this lineup. Arguably one of the most talented producers in the game, Dimension is responsible for some of the most well-known tunes of the genre, including ‘Whip Slap’, ‘Love to Me’, and the recent banger ‘UK’. Versatile, innovative, and incredibly talented, Dimension delivers consistently both with his releases and skills behind the decks, and we’re beyond thrilled to be seeing him this July.

To top it all off, Liquicity are bringing Sub Focus, the man responsible for ‘Timewarp’, ‘Out The Blue’, ‘Tidal Wave’, ‘Turn Back Time’, and seemingly endless other classics. Sub Focus has proven his skill time and time again by continually putting out tracks from a wide range of sounds and genres – his DJ sets certainly aren’t anything to underestimate either. A true legend in not just the drum & bass scene but the music industry as a whole, Sub Focus is certainly high on our list of acts to see before we die – July really can’t come soon enough!

We could easily continue this list for ages with so many of our favourite artists making it on this year’s lineup, but be sure to check out Liquicity on YouTube for more liquid goodness.

Find more information about Liquicity Festival here and join the Facebook event to stay up to date with contests and more!

See you in the Galaxy of Dreams!

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