Filip Motovunski brings us one of the vibiest EPs of the year on Bad Taste Recordings

We’ve been covering Filip Motovunski’s tunes quite a bit at MA this year, so we’ve been able to keep a close ear on the vibe presented by the Croatian Drum & Bass producer. Each track throughout the year has given us intriguing flashes of Filip’s own ideas on how Drum & Bass should sound. His forthcoming EP on Bad Company’s Bad Taste Recordings is one that feels like a true maturation of the artist’s sound. The sound is no longer sipping on a beer in the back of the room, the sound now comes up to you with a firm handshake and and boldly states, “Hi, I’m Filip Motovunski, this is my vibe”.

The EP’s aptly named title track, ‘Check Out the Vibe’ serves as a perfect introduction to the release, a great combination of swing beat and a solid, punchy sound. An excellent example of how swing can be used in DnB. The strong sound design combined with the swinging beat is surefire guarantee that you’ll be seeing plenty of clubbers pumping their arms in front of their chests in gleeful appreciation when this one gets dropped.


Next up is Totem Hunt, presenting a darker feel in its intro, this track presents a more underground feel while maintaining colour in the bright sounding synths. You can really hear the unique style Filip Motovunski is crafting taking form throughout the track. Rene La Vice agreed with this sentiment, playing it with much excitement worldwide on Radio 1. We love it when a track has a different sounding second drop and it’s done masterfully on Totem Hunt. A cheeky half time phrase leads into a nice switch up of the track’s lead, playing with the tracks main theme in nifty variations.


After Totem Hunt comes Atmosfire, probably our favourite on this EP. Using his penchant for strong synth design and killer mixdowns, Motovunski has created a beast of a dancefloor track. Snappy drums and the rising gritty synths will be making this a strong tool in the DJ arsenal for a while to come. Again the second drop presents a nice change in the track’s feel giving a slightly more minimal presentation of the impressive main lead. 


Whisper makes for an ideal closing track, more subtle in its nature but still as impressive to us as the previous three. The atmospheric introduction builds perfect into the drop that genuinely gave us goosebumps the first time we heard it. It almost feels quiet (like the name suggests), but the clever use of sound design ensures the track sounds full while keeping the softer aesthetic.


With such a strong, well rounded EP, this release is surely Filip Motovunski’s initiation to the Drum & Bass scene’s group of well respected producers. It’s a release that demonstrates the rounded development of his unique sound and above all proves that it deserves its own place in the DnB ecosystem.


You can pre-order the EP here


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