DJ Fresh announced earlier today that he will be retiring from music

The English producer, aged 39, took to Facebook at midnight to announce that he will be off the road by the end of the year. He will still play all his scheduled gigs up until January 2017, but that will be your last chance to see him perform live, he says.

DJ Fresh is also a founding member of Drum & Bass super-group Bad Company, which is made up of and producers Maldini, dBridge and Vegas, and himself. DJ Fresh gave a special shout-out to the group in his farewell post. The group had just reunited in 2016 after more than a 10-yearr hiatus, playing the illustrious EDC Las Vegas, and Imagine Festival later this summer.

Aside from the prodigous Bad Company, DJ Fresh is even better well known for his spellbinding tracks like ‘Gold Dust’ and ‘Louder’, and has both been inspired by and inspired artists like Flux Pavilion (who plays both at nearly every show), Dillon Francis, and Jack Beats, among many others.

DJ Fresh was attracted to music at an early age after witnessing its ability to bring people together. His affinity for electronic keyboards combined together with the energy of rave music are what sparked his interest in becoming a producer himself, along with the DIY aspect of it all. With that, DJ Fresh began creating music in his bedroom that would later change the face of the scene altogether.

This insanely talented producer has dabbled in virtually every genre of electronic music, and successfully at that, with a number of chart-topping hits. DJ Fresh truly lives up to his name by constantly pushing boundaries and dancing to the beat of his own drum. The artist boasts a rather long career with never a stale moment; he always manages to keep things fresh.

Portrait of DJ Fresh aka Daniel Stein

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DJ Fresh cites his reasons for leaving the industry as needing to think about his own life and health, but also had some comments on the industry itself that drove him away:

“I cannot continue to be part of this industry. I hate everything about it. It’s fake, soul destroying and promotes everything BUT experimentation and heartfelt emotion (which is what music means to me)”

He also notes that it is nothing to do with bad experiences with any of the labels he has worked with (DJ Fresh is most recently affiliated with Ministry of Sound in the UK and Columbia Records in the US). His full announcement speech can be seen below:

It deeply saddens us to see him ending his career in music, but he has sure left one impressive legacy behind.

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