Mystery veteran producer Fancy Cars released his newest track ‘Alone’ this week off his forthcoming debut EP, which is due out later this summer. We’re glad he didn’t work alone on this one, though, as Kirsten Collins lends her impressive vocal talent to this dreamy tune!

Starting off with those velvety smooth vocals, we are immediately surrounded in some seriously warm, comforting vibes. The lyrics are empowering and robust with just a hint of melancholy. The melody is soothing, and yet carries a certain weight to it as well. It’s really buoyant in the way it plays off the highs and lows. The echo effect on the vocals before the drop really adds a sense of depth, and we’re ready to dive right into this one!

Something about this track creates not only a sense of liberation, but of longing and release, all at once. We definitely feel as if a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. The vocals are what first captured our attention, but the way the melody just bounces through her words seems effortless. Fancy Cars’ skills as a producer are definitely evident.

We get really strong future bass vibes off this one, but with a bit of a retro flair. The synths add a lighter, cheery element, creating a really uplifting atmosphere altogether. Definitely another really great summer tune to get you ready for a big night out, or to help you wind down before bed. And if you’re going through a break-up, this is probably exactly the kind of empowering tune you need to hear.

Although his identity still remains a mystery, we are more than excited to hear the other 3 tracks on the upcoming EP. If they are anything like ‘Alone’, then we’re definitely in for a treat! We love the vibes on this one, and the power behind Kirsten Collins’ energizing lyrics. Listen to the track below, and be sure to follow Fancy Cars on SoundCloud and Facebook!

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