The new album from house/electronica duo Fabrikate dropped last week, and if you’re looking for deep house with a retro flair, then look no further than ‘Bodies’.

The opening track starts with a chirpy, uplifting melody then goes quickly in to a transcendental house beat with some spacey sounds in there, too. ‘Bodies’ has a repeated, soft lyric, but the track is still plenty interesting with a variety of build ups and changing tempos that somehow work together for a really cohesive opening track for what is a really solid first album from the duo.

‘Reach’ has a much more edgy sound right off the bad, with deep synths and lyrics that are almost reminiscent of old Depeche Mode. We love the late 80s/early 90s vibe of this track, and it instantly transports us to a dark, sweaty club floor somewhere. The lyrics are sensual and mysterious, and we find ourselves drawn in to see what the rest of the album holds.

The third track starts with a fast, repetitive beat, but as soon as we hear the lovely vocals on this one, we are swept away. The lyrics are passionate and moving, and we caught ourselves singing along after just one listen. This is the perfect vocal-led deep house track for summer!

This next track instantly puts a smile on our face, balancing the uplifting lyrics with an even more uplifting and energetic beat. ‘Good Times’ is quirky and fun, and is the kind of track you blast on the motorway with the windows down, singing along with all your friends with your head out the window.

‘Some Hearts’ is another uplifting track following ‘Good Times’, and is the perfect track to get you pumped on a Friday night. We love the unique blend of sounds in this track that create a bubbly atmosphere around the listener; this track just really makes us feel good inside.

The sixth track has a really unique blend of retro sounds with a modern electronica flair, and just makes us want to dance. There’s a little bit of darkness in this one, too, and we’re not really sure how else to describe this track, so just give it a listen for yourself.0007004273_10

‘In My Life’ is a slower paced track but still high energy, and has us nodding our head along to that familiar house beat. However, Fabrikate have managed, yet again, to put their own unique spin on it by incorporating a variety of noises that remind us of wind chimes on a summer day, and the fading vocals throughout really add to the atmosphere of this track. The use of the fast paced drum machine in this one takes us back to New Order’s classic tune ‘Blue Monday’, too!

The next track, named for our beloved childhood joysticks, is another one we can see being played on dancefloors everywhere with that signature blend of 80s and modern house/electronica that Fabrikate have mastered for this album.

‘Took A Long Time’ is another fast-paced, deep house track with a funky, jazzy underlying rhythm and some really soulful vocals we can’t get enough of. Despite us never wanting this album to end, this track is a great wind down, perfect for chilling after a night out. We love the power in the lyrics, and the way the vocals complement each other as well as the track itself really well.


And as all good things must come to an end, so must ‘Bodies’. Taking us full circle, this last track has a lot of the same spacey vibes as the opening track, making it the perfect ending to a really complete album, but also the perfect invitation to listen through again (if you’re like us, you’ll want to give it at least a few listens).


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