Will Fabric, London’s prime clubbing spot, be under threat to close indefinitely?

News of Fabric closing has been rumbling around all weekend but now the club is to remain closed until the London Borough of Islington complete an independent review into two teen’s deaths there over the past nine weeks.

Over the weekend, fabriclondon posted a note on their page stating the club was shut for the weekend. Now, it seems it will be closed indefinitely.

Now, we are not condoning the usage of drugs but there are some very clear things that need to be considered on both sides of the argument. People will take drugs whether you want them to or not. Drugs are also getting stronger (with some reports of 400mg of MDMA found in some ecstasy tablets recently).

The fact of the matter is – it’s not Fabric’s fault. It’s not any clubs fault. So who’s at fault? If the police were a bit more forward-thinking in the way they operate by allowing people to test their drugs and be educated on it – there would be less deaths caused.

It’s not the police’s fault either though. We all need to be working together to educate young people and others about the dangers of drugs as well as how to take them safely if they decide that’s what they want to do. Education is much better than ignorance.

Countries like The Netherlands have had an incredible amount of success by allowing users to test their drugs as they take them into the club, ensuring purity and less likely to have any issues with overdosing and overheating as they know the strength, etc.

Ideally, we’d like to see nobody taking any drugs to have fun – but it’s going to happen. If that’s the case, we might as well make it as safe as possible.

It’s not secret, however, that there are entities that want the club to close. A lot of people in the scene feel that our nightlife and culture is under attack by people that have no care for it. Stories of people buying residential properties next to clubs only to have them shut down because of noise complaints just seems so crazy – but it’s happening.

Fortunately, we do have someone on our side – the new London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. He has openly expressed interest in improving the nightlife in London and has already made a number of moves towards assisting, but if we lose our flagship club that is known all around the world, it might be too much to claw back.

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