Soltan is set to release his newest EP, ‘Jadugar’ on Firepower Records later this month.

With 4 absolutely insane tracks to boast, ‘Jadugar’ has quickly become a favourite for us at MA. You’d best be excited for this one!

The first track on the EP hits us right away with Soltan’s unique Middle Eastern flair. The vocals hit soon after, adding a heavier element, and we start to see Spag Heddy’s unique sound enter the mix, too. The two waste no time building up to the drop, but even the build-up itself is magnificent.

But holy. Shit. That first drop is madness! You get the Middle Eastern flair present from the beginning, combined with those dirty lyrics dispersed throughout, and a whole new kind of bass we’ve never heard before. If anyone is redefining dubstep, it’s these two legends. We cannot get over this track, and we’re only 2 minutes in.

The beat is so catchy, and adding all those interesting instruments create such a unique sound – we can honestly say we’ve never heard anything quite like this. Soltan and Spag Heddy fuse together traditional dubstep element with each of their distinct sounds to create a true masterpiece. We’re only one track in and already obsessed with this EP.

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The second drop is even more fast-paced and you can really hear the skill in the production. There is such a complex layering of sounds that we can’t even begin to wrap our head around, but it really is music to our ears.

‘Balkan’s Hammer’ is the second track, and starts with a really ominous build and some distorted vocals and glitchy vibes. We still get that trademark Middle Eastern flair, but with a more pop-sounding influence. The vocals add a hard element, and then the drop hits and blows us away again. This track embodies everything dubstep should be, and then some. Clips of the melody flow through the heavy bass and add a sense of continuity to the track, but without taking away from that head-banging rhythm we crave.

Once again, the second drop leaves us in ruins. Combining mechanical vibes with traditional dubstep and his wide array of instruments, plus adding that slight pop sound, this is one insane tune. Soltan has once again proven not only his masterful production, but his ridiculous creativity with this one.


The third track is the long awaited ‘Jadu’, which gained a lot of hype after being dropped in Excision’s sets during his last tour. We can’t remember the last time we were this excited about a release. We’ve been waiting for this tune for so long, and now it’s finally here!

Soltan makes excellent use of different vocal samples to hype up the track (not that it needs it) and creates a really high energy atmosphere. The first drop is absolute filth, and you can definitely hear why Excision was so keen to use it in his sets. This is the kind of track we go mad for at shows, and produces the nastiest of bass faces!

The melody between drops adds to the energy and creates a sense of suspense before each drop, acting as a countdown of sorts before our ears are destroyed again. This track has been stuck in our head since we first heard it, and isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, especially now that we finally have our hands on it.

The EP ends on a much softer note, which although it initially took us by surprise, we ended up falling for it completely. The vocals are alluring and gentle, and the perfect way to calm down after 3 such heavy tracks. However, things don’t stay calm for long, as the drop on this one is just as filthy as the rest. We definitely get some trap vibes off this one, but with Soltan it’s always hard to stick a label to his work.

The lyrics are delivered beautifully, and create such a mesmerizing escape from reality. This is definitely a different sound for Soltan, but it totally works, and he still manages to work that heavy bass in. We love how he seamlessly flows from those alluring vocals into such straight filth with each drop – yet again, another testament to his skills as a producer. ‘Live on Rewind’ is the perfect ending to this incredible EP, and we’re already counting down the days until his next release!

The tracklist for ‘Jadugar’ is:

  1. Soltan & Spag Heddy – Bang Bazzar Feat. Gravity
  2. Soltan – Balkan’s Hammer
  3. Soltan – Jadu
  4. Soltan – Live On Rewind Feat. Jai Matt

Be sure to grab your copy of the new EP out July 22 on Firepower Records , and support Soltan on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud!

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