Never Say Die’s finest have released new music to celebrate their Hyper Future Tour currently going on in America

In celebration of Never Say Die’s massive Hyper Future tour, Eptic, MUST DIE!, and Gentlemens Club have all given us a free download – almost makes up for those of us missing what seems to be a pretty epic tour.

A few weeks ago, Gentlemens Club released their insane remix of the classic Eptic & MUST DIE! collaboration, ‘Ectoplasm’. Their hard-hitting remix brought them to the spotlight – and for good reason. We didn’t think the original could get any better until we heard this reimagining, so be sure to check out our full review here.

Our favourite Belgian boy has also released a free tune in honour of the tour, and it’s already become an instant favourite. ‘Underworld’ opens with an eerie vocal sample that stays true to the world Eptic has created around his music, and his familiar sound instantly floods out our speakers. One thing we love most about Eptic is how he’s managed to create a sound that is completely unique to him, and yet still manages to do something completely different with every release.

Opening with sirens, vocal chops and that distinct Eptic sound, we are overloaded with campy sci-fi vibes, groovy melodies, and, of course, hard-hitting bass. The progression of the track itself is truly artful – impeccable sound design complements creative and bold structure, giving us the unique, quirky, and totally catchy sound we’ve grown to love from the young producer.

Although we’ve never met the legendary producer, his personality shines through everything he makes, from his music to his art, and it’s what makes him one of our favourite producers. The bridge between drops after the second minute delivers spacey acoustic vibes that are elegant and sweet, before we are again lost to his wonky, characteristic sound effects. Each melody is crafted from his unique set of sounds, and you can really hear the hard work that went into creating this masterpiece. We just can’t get enough of Eptic!

But that’s not all – Eptic’s partner in crime MUST DIE! has also given us a free tune this week in honour of the tour. Opening with spooky organ vibes followed by what we can only describe as a campy supervillain theme song, MUST DIE! gives us the unique juxtaposition of retro-futuristic sounds, something that has come to be his signature sound over the years.

Following that eerie opening melody, the track builds up into a seriously chaotic drop without ever losing that retro-future charm. Bouncy, upbeat, and ever so slightly evil, MUST DIE! has given us another dose of his own unique sound, and we can’t wait to hear this one dropped live – we know it’s going to be played out a lot.

What we love about the track is the attention MUST DIE! gives to not just the drops, but the build-ups as well – really striving to create that rush of adrenaline and delivering the unexpected. ‘Tactics’ is a seriously powerful tune, and a weapon every DJ will want in their arsenal. Delivering a sound that is complementary to Eptic’s but still entirely unique, we’re left nothing short of impressed by this release.

Never Say Die have graciously given out these tunes for free: ‘Tactics’ & ‘Underworld’ 

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