There is an extreme amount of heat coming in from the NSD: Black Label guys right now and it only continues to get hotter! The latest release we have is from the Black Label camp is the ‘Spaceships’ EP from renowned bass-maker, EH!DE.

The first track self-titled ‘Spaceships’ sets the tone of the EP really well with a mysterious introduction that helps to build atmosphere and energy. It then drops into this magnificently energetic drop with all those classic EH!DE sounds you are familiar with.

Next up from EH!DE on the EP is ‘The Jungle’. The track sounds like you’ve taken¬†Skrillex’s ‘Purple Lamborghini’ and put it on steroids. With a choppy, yet energetic groove – this will definitely get dance floors moving. The tempo of this is also 160 which definitely changes things up a bit!

Third on the EP is a magnificent collaboration with our favourite pastafarian – Spag Heddy. The two have been friends for a number of years now and continue to surprise and wow us with their fusion of sounds. ‘Selecta’ is a heavy riddim influenced dubstep track that is refreshing to hear with lots of new ideas that work really well with each other.

Finally EH!DE decided to team up with Black Label’s Krimer on that last track titled, ‘Fock It’. The intro might be uplifting but on the drop – all hell breaks loose. The blend of their two signature styles is a welcome switch up to the EP and definitely showcases what’s in-store for us this year!

EH!DE’s Spaceships EP is OUT NOW on NSD: Black Label.

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