With a playful, light intro, this new future bass track from Dooqu has us hooked! Gentle and calming, the vocals are soft and pleasant and the layering of sounds gives this track a lot of depth. There’s a really quirky bottle pop right before the drop that we love, too, and it has just the perfect amount of bass thrown in for good measure. Melodic and charming, this track floats us away to an almost dream-like state, and is guaranteed to relax your mind and soothe your soul. The drops are really intricate and makes it easy to listen to this one on repeat. Listen to ‘No One Knows’ now and be sure to grab the ‘Moods’ EP out on Heroic Recordings.

“I find it boring to stay in the same mood. The same applies when I create and listen to music. Each track of the EP reflects a separate and different energy – a different mood from a different day.” – Dooqu

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