A lineup of some of the best in Drum and Bass production in 2017!

Drum and Bass is being considered more and more popular in the UK every day, it’s fan base covers the entirety of the United Kingdom and there are shows popping up all around the world in 2017. It seems that the USA is finally witnessing the sheer power of the Drum and Bass community! Dubstep will always reign legendary in the eyes of USA however a lineup like this shows that people are trying to expand the love for such a successful genre! Washington DC is welcoming a lineup that showcases the very best of the UK’s DnB scene at ‘The World Of Bass DC’ event this month! From dirty rollers to happy dancefloors beats, this night is looking too fire to miss!

Drumsound and Bassline Smith have succeeded in producing all sorts of genres over their 20+ years of practice and are continuing to rage heavily in the DnB scene today! Their exciting and upbeat style means it’s tricky to sit still for 30 seconds when listening to their tracks. Tracks like ‘Close’ and ‘Through the Night’ portray perfectly how you can take a great choice of lyrics and still keep the track reasonably filthy all the while. Possibly one of the more exciting DJ’s to watch, Drumsound and Bassline Smith are definitely not an opportunity to miss out on.

DJ SS is a beautiful addition to this list and is showcasing a strong aspect of what DnB used to be.  Beautifully tweaked drum loops and the shining sub bass production makes DJ SS stand out among the large selection of liquid roller DJs. His tunes nowadays are mainly focussed around devine basslines but if you dig into his older tracks there is a lot of old school jungle, tracks that really don’t hold back on the drums! It’s very exciting!

Tantrum Desire is next up to visit the glorious city of Washington DC and the perfect switch of style for the USA DNB heads! His production level and creativity especially in the past 3 years has reached a new level of enjoyment. Tantrum Desire brings an upbeat and bouncy style to the world of DnB and taking download charts by storm! Whenever ‘Airhead’ or ‘Pump’ is put on there is 0% chance you’ll see us sitting down! Big choice!

Next up is the happy dancefloor sound of the Brookes Brothers! A duo who repeatedly bring out release after release that just bangs at a party! Nothing shows off the impressive work of Drum and Bass better than the bouncy and flowing sounds of happy production and these guys are the perfect example! Jazzy samples, catchy lyrics and a collection of funky synths and crisp drum loops. Leaving no style of DnB behind in this one!

Last but absolutely not least comes Bladerunner. One third of the Kings of the Rollers alongside Serum and Voltage. Bladerunner has done some seriously impressive things with his basslines and synths over the past 7 or 8 years and he is continuing to hold a strong position in the dingy world of dark rollers! This set is already promising to be an exciting one as he will be able to bring the fantastic sound of complicated drum loops and deep deep sub bass all the way to the US!

You can tell immediately without us having to point it out at all, just how good a line up this is. DnB is making a hard return to the USA and this is just the beginning! In the next few years or so the US will begin to see the names of DnB heavyweights more and more often, reuniting the world with the sounds of drums and bass! Don’t miss out, get yourself front row seats!

Get your tickets for ‘The World Of Bass DC’ – HERE

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