Disprove shows us what Tech-Fuelled Drum & Bass in 2017 is all about

Following on from his hard hitting collab with Merikan,  Berlin based producer Disprove has released a techy Drum & Bass treat on Methlab (a winner of D&BArena’s best new label award and a firm favourite of ours).

Disprove opens up the EP with ‘Origin’, a suitable introduction to the EP, presenting the strong techy vibe familiar to fans while easing in newcomers, who may not be as well-acquainted to the sub-genre. With a shuffling beat, a wide variety of sounds are subtly used in ‘Origin’ that meld together well without the track feeling incoherent, a hard task for any producer that Disprove seems to pull off with ease.

Next up on the release comes ‘Oppression’ the main feature of the EP, a punchy drum intro slams into an even punchier drop. The combination of the tremendous synth growls, snappy drums and strong sub bass creates a powerful, gritty drop that would no doubt go off in any underground setting.  The well-engineered quality of each element of the mix means the drop stands strong, even when other elements are taken away and reintroduced for brief moments in a clever use of space. ‘Oppression’ is testament to the sub-genre of DnB 2017 has excelled in. We’ve been seeing more and more of this techy sound taking a larger prevalence in the Drum & Bass scene, exciting people looking for the darker, experimental sound that they so crave. Methlab has been a part of the forefront of this sound, especially with all of their artists’ continuing effort to push their sub-genre’s sound design to its limits.

‘When I see You’ begins with a similar atmosphere and some clicky tops however this time round the intro seems to have an intriguely almost absent low end. ‘There’s space to be filled’, you’re thinking,  when almost out of nowhere comes the the hinting of what’s to come, distorted kicks strike at pace leading right up to the drop. Hearing the drop the initial lack of low end makes sense, the track is all about the impact of the intelligently saturated kicks, accompanied by rolling tops that give the track a whole lot of energy. Disprove makes enough subtle changes in the composition to keep the track interesting, something Disprove does well throughout the EP. He manages to maintain a full sound while adding and subtracting enough ideas, beats and sounds to keep the tracks feeling fresh and compelling.

In ‘The Damned’ an eerie atmosphere swiftly becomes the background to MC Hijak’s badass lyrical verse. Hijak deftly builds to the track’s dark minimal drop, reminiscent of Enei’s ‘Count to Ten’. The sub bass fills up a large portion of the sound with tight, stepping, drums keeping the beat. We have no doubt this will be a track which will have heads wanting to ID whenever played out.

Rounding of the EP, ‘Autolyse’ is another minimal-tech beauty, using fast paced hi-hats and a finely pitched snare as its main element to an incredibly impressive effect. The sub pulses in and out of the two higher sounds with synth growls, drum fills and subtle pads breaking up the phrases.

It’s another well-engineered, high-impact release from Disprove & Methlab and we can’t wait to see what they both have in store for us next.

You can get the EP here

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