You may have heard this track live if you’ve caught Dirtyphonics over the past year or two, but they’ve finally released their remix for Skrillex & Alvin Risk’s ‘Try It Out’

Everyone remembers Skrillex & Alvin Risk’s collab, ‘Try It Out’ – and who could forget that music video? Well, two years later, Dirtyphonics have finally released their remix for the song, and we couldn’t be happier.

With a really cinematic opening, we know right away we’re in for a treat. That intro is nothing short of epic. The vocals from the original take over, reminding us what we’re listening to while the intro continues to build into what sounds like an entire symphony. The pitched up vocals add a twinkling element and play off the deeper vocals, right into the build-up.

The drop definitely keeps a lot of Skrillex’s signature sounds, but reimagined in a way only Dirtyphonics are capable of. There’s definitely no shortage of bass here! The high pitched vocals form an enchanting melody that leads us out of the drop, and then: silence.

Things slowly build up again, much softer than before. The vocals are distorted in a way that they blend into the melody, creating a really dynamic sound. However, that gentle, calming melody doesn’t last for long as it quickly builds into the second drop. The deeper vocals lead us into this one, and we’re hit once again with that fusion of Skrillex and Dirtyphonics’ unique sounds.

After that second drop, we’re led out on that catchy drum & bass beat, adding yet another unique touch to this remix. The track finishes on that high energy, upbeat tone, and we’re left feeling completely satisfied. Dirtyphonics have done a great job reimagining this killer tune while still staying true to the original. Be sure to follow Dirtyphonics to see what’s next from the group! 

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