‘Everybody’ is bringing happiness to everybody thanks to DC Breaks

DC Breaks have consistently been a go to artist for drum and bass heads for nearly a decade now and especially here at MA, we find ourselves patiently waiting for the next impressive release from the mighty duo. Their new release ‘Everybody’ is a fantastic example of the attention to production that these two pay when creating a track. The singular aspects of this track, the drums, riffs and vocals, all work together perfectly to forge an immaculate blend of commercial and underground dance floor Drum and Bass. Read ahead to find out what DC Breaks had to say about their upcoming album!

Welcome DC Breaks! Dan and Chris, it is an absolute pleasure to have you here with us, how has your day been?

Great! We’re busy putting the final touches to the final final mixdowns of our album, approving artwork, doing interviews, working on music for after the album and getting ready for a busy weekend of gigs – no rest for the wicked!

Your new release ‘Everybody’ is the perfect tease for what you guys have in store for us. How different is it working with authentically recorded instruments over sample packs and synths etc.?

We’ve found that it’s best to use both – synthetic strings layered up with real strings for example really help fill them out and make them more powerful. Same with Brass. Then a lot comes down to the mix and making sure that even if you are making a more organic sounding record that it still has some grit, we like music with balls!

What’s producing like from 2 minds? Do you both have equal participation in what goes into a new track?

We don’t have a set way of working really but fairly similar ideas about how the final product should sound. For example right now we’re in different cities and sending final mixes back’n’forth to each other for feedback and notes and then adjusting the tunes accordingly. If you’ve been working on a song for a really long time it can be hard to hear what’s wrong (or right) with it so having a fresh pair of ears and a different perspective can really help.

The question I’m sure that’s burning on everyone’s mind is what’s the album like? Could you tell us a little about the creative process for making an LP?

For us it has been a reaaaally, really long process. Not by choice, but by certain things out of our control that have happened around us. We could easily have done an album around the Swag / Gambino / Lock In time and that would have been great but perhaps a little one dimensional. The album we’re about to release now is more mature, more diverse, technically better and just more accomplished (we hope!). I think ultimately you want an album to reflect what you are about musically, where you’ve come from, where you’re going and we really think this album does that. Someone once said to me that the reason they liked DC Breaks was because you never knew what you were going to get on one of our records and I like that – it’s good to keep people on their toes even if sometimes that disappoints some people. So the album is a reflection of us – we’ve always made jump up, techy stuff, liquid, songs, rollers, jungle, you name it we’ve done it and this album is no different.

You’ve had a decent amount of remixes done to your tracks and they always seem to work fantastically, any plans to have a remix LP done for your new album?

Not as yet actually, although I think it’s a good idea. We’re looking at doing a whole bunch of collabs with other artists we admire after the success of working with Prolix, so maybe an EP of ‘DC Breaks & Friends’ or something like that. I can reveal we’re doing some remixes for 25 years of RAM, remixing some classics so watch this space for news on that too for later in the year!

Rampage is coming up very soon, are you planning on playing out any of your unreleased tracks there?

1000% yes!

You’re going b2b2b for the first time with Loadstar and Mind Vortex, is that right? How excited are you for that one? Is there anyone on RAM you’d really like to work with in the future?

Yes that’s right it’s going to be pretty hectic and full on – in a good way! We’re very excited it looks incredible and it’s sure to be an epic epic night – plus it’s my birthday that night! We’d happily work with any of the RAM guys, they’re all super talented and each have a unique style of their own and is definitely something we’re going to try and hook up later in the year.

A lot of people look up to you and your fantastic production skills (ourselves included), have you got any tips for any up and coming producers?

Well everyone has to start somewhere, including us. The way I learned and got started was to make bootlegs (great because you have some ideas already to go) and by shamelessly trying to replicate the styles of artists I like. I think most (honest) producers will admit they have been heavily influenced by other artists, so don’t be afraid to imitate; in time you will get your own style and you will learn a lot by learning how to reverse engineer sounds and mixdowns.

Thank you so much for spending the time with us today gents, it’s been a pleasure! Last one from us, who’s your money on winning the Champions League this year? Arsenal are looking strong!

Haha, we’re both Arsenal fans but I think you must be smoking something if you think we’ll win it! Obviously we would love it if that happened but I suspect realistically it will be one of Barca, Real or Bayern who’ll once again lift the trophy. If I had to pick one team it would be Barca. I’d be over the moon if we can beat Bayern but I don’t see us going all the way.

Hopefully Arsenal will have a better run than they’ve shown thus far! DC Breaks album will be released sometime in Spring and we are all very excited.

You can purchase ‘Everybody’ HERE

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