Cyantific releases new single ‘Robotic’ on Viper Recordings, and tells us a little bit about his daily routine

With his latest single, ‘Robotic’, dropping today, we wanted to get a glimpse into the life of drum & bass heavyweight Cyantific’s daily life to better understand the man behind the music.

‘Robotic’ is his latest offering on Viper Recordings, a strong follow-up to his release of ‘Outatime Pt. 2’. Cyantific is known for his innovative sounds, utilizing vibrant synths and stomping drums, and this track is the perfect example of his continually evolving trademark sound. Opening with an eerie yet vibrant atmosphere, we’re hit with an incredibly infectious, synth-driven melody that we can’t get enough of.

Those stomping drums kick in and we’re given something simultaneously heavy and light – we’re not quite sure how he’s done it, but couldn’t be more in love. Cyantific has given us a track with an old school vibe that still sounds fresh, innovative and full of energy. This is exactly the kind of drum & bass we live for.

So, what does a day in the life of Cyantific look like?

“A normal day for me looks like this (and I’m very much one for rigid routine); I get up around 5:30-6, feed my dog and make a pre-workout shake. Then I meditate for 15 minutes and do about 10-20 minutes of Spanish online. I hit the gym after that and train for about 90 minutes, either heavy lifts or cardio. Then it’s back home to eat my favourite meal of the day – post workout! After that I take time to see what’s going on online and reply to everyone who’s written to me on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook etc. (so get in touch, I love hearing from fans) I’ll also check any promos I’ve been sent and do all my admin stuff like sorting my diary out, updating my Spotify playlist, promotion of my podcast and so on.

I head to the studio around 10:30, which is about 20 minutes away. I listen to the track I’m working on once, then write some notes – usually about 4 or 5 main things that I want to achieve that day. I then set up my Pomodoro timer (google the Pomodoro technique) and turn off the wifi and data on my phone, and I work in 25 minute blocks with a 5 minute break. I take a 30 minute break about 3 times a day so I can walk the dog and eat my lunch, which is a protein smoothie (same one every day!). I don’t snack at the studio because I’m pretty militant about my diet. If Wilkinson is in I usually take time to go and chat to him (he has a studio next to mine). It has been known for me to take a 20 minute nap sitting upright if I’m tired enough too!

Around 8:30-9:30 I head home, my brain is usually pretty fried by then, and I’m hungry as. I get home and feed myself a proper meal then I get back to work on online things again for an hour or so before bed. It’s hard work, but I love what I do, which makes it easy. I also fully appreciate going out to DJ and breaking the routine at the weekend.”

Catch Cyantific at Viper:100 in London on May 26!

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