We got down with the Dossa & Locuzzed boys to learn more about their debut EP on Viper Recordings.

Dossa & Locuzzed are a very fresh name to see indeed and with that they bring a completely fresh style of Drum & Bass for your ears to hear. The guys are a production duo straight out of Austria and got picked up after their first successful track, ‘Hollow’ – which was picked up by Camo & Krooked last year.

Since then, the boys have signed Exclusively to Viper Recordings, had massive support all over the Drum & Bass scene and are gearing towards a slew of new releases to unleash upon us next year.

For those who don’t know who Dossa & Locuzzed are – who are you, where are you from?

Hi, we’re Benni & Rene, both 24 years old from the small 50,000 peeps hicksville St. Pölten in Lower Austria. Nice to meet you.

Exclusively signing to Viper Recordings is a big move forward, how did that come about?

After we had tunes on a couple of Viper compilations and locked our first Viper Single “Only Way”, Brendan Futurebound brought an exclusive deal to the table when we sent him another bunch of tunes and ideas earlier this year. It seemed very reasonable to us to have a label & management in the background that smoothes the way we want to go with our music. Shouts to the whole Viper Fam and our manager Asad at this point!

So you’ve just released a brand new double single, ‘Dance / Shag’ – you must be happy!

Oh yeah! It’s always good to release music, especially as we’ve been playing these for a couple of months now and were really looking forward to getting them out. It’s cool to see people write good things about the release online and the dj-support has been amazing so far!

‘Dance’ is a really funky and groovy Drum & Bass track that sounds quite unique to the normal stuff we hear. What were your influences behind this?

We wanted to create something outstanding which is still playable on a modern dnb dancefloor, and so we worked with these mody funky pad sounds you also know from some future bass tunes. We were really happy when we got the whole thing working after months, and playing it live is always pure fun!

It’s refreshing to hear something as sick as ‘Shag’ that seems to blend liquid, neurofunk and jump up all into one track. Again, what were your thoughts when making this?

Shag was one of the really few tunes we had the concrete idea before we started the project: A Jumpup-pipe synth at the drop that alternates with a Neuro reece over a straight heavy dnb beat, thus pretty simple. Actually it took us only about a month to do the whole tune.

Was it your intention to make something that stood out from everyone else or did you just keep experimenting around until you came up with something you were both happy with?

The challenge for us is to create something outstanding without getting too far away from the main Drum & Bass idea. So we’ve been experimenting around a lot in the last year and tried to do something “new” combining these funk chord progressions we love with Dancefloor-style Drum & Bass – now we finally found ways where this works out really nice!

What else can we expect from you in the year?

We have a remix for Dope Ammo & Tali which is hopefully dropping in the near future. Aside from that Beatfunk VIP will be out on Mainframe soon, and we also recently finished some more tunes, hopefully some of them will make the release even this year aswell 🙂

You can grab Dossa & Locuzzed – Dance / Shag right now on Viper Recordings. 

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