Music is shapeshifting under our noses all the time and we love it when a pioneering sound comes through or you get those mixture of elements that just work really well with each other. We feel that Cy Kosis have done just that with their take of ‘Gold Dust’ featuring Cammie Robinson.

Originally produced by O R I O N, It opens up with some percussion that sounds like it belongs to a breakbeat. The vocals then come in and are wrapped together with some beefy 808s and other melodic elements that really add to the atmosphere of the track.

On the drop, we are blessed with this really unique dynamic that I can safely say we’ve never heard in a track before. It’s because of this uniqueness, when paired with the introduction of the track, that grabbed us. I mean, it’s not the most complicated but damn is it effective.

So what do you guys think of this? Sweet Future Trap with dubstep vibes or a load of tosh?

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