Ahead of their long-awaited debut album out November 1st, Create the Culture have given us not just one, but two tasters of what to expect from ‘Create’. Choosing to remain anonymous and letting the music speak for itself, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on these four all the way from Saskatchewan, Canada.

“The CTC vibe encompasses simple principles – Spreading the culture of Love, Loyalty, Crew-Love, Self-Expression and crushing through all of the Egoic foolishness of envy, and jealousy. Our mission is to spread love, vibes, inspire and create dope music for ourselves and our fans!”

‘On Road’, which has accrued an impressive 57k listens over the past three months, gives us a taste of the eclectic flair contained within the album, combining elements of hip-hop, rap, pop, trap, and more into one heartfelt package. While we can’t say we’re always the biggest fans of autotune, Create the Culture use it almost as an instrumental element amidst organic vocals, creating a really captivating sound overall.

The other track Create the Culture have graciously given us is ‘Found My Way’, which turns out to be an incredibly comforting track. We’ve never heard autotune used in a way that is so soothing, but together with twinkling electronic production and slowed down vocals, the result is something oddly consoling.

Create the Culture’s passion really shines through in their music, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album out next week.

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